Gerard Piqué uploaded a photo with Clara without deleting the ones he had with Shakira

13 days have passed since Shakira’s BZRP Music Sessions #53, where the Colombian threw all the “truths” at her ex. Nevertheless, Gerard Piqué He has left ‘Clearly’ that he prefers a Casio than a Rolex, a Twingo (Renault) than a Ferrari by uploading a photograph with Clara Chía, with the new photograph that altered social networks. On the other hand, the former defender of Barcelona in Spain did not delete the last photos with Shakira.

The last photograph where the last of the relationship of more than 10 years between the soccer player and the interpreter of “Una loba” was recorded was in July 2021.

On Piqué’s Instagram, you can see his face attached to Shakira’s. They are both smiling and, by then, the post generated millions of reactions and “holiday vibes,” the post’s description said.


After those, only a few last photos of 2019 remained. One on June 16, looking like a couple in love and singing it to the seven seas.

Likewise, three days later, you can see another image of the two together with their children, who, in addition to being admired for the relationship they had, were also applauded by the family they built.

However, the footballer’s infidelity put an end to the fairy tale story. This generated tremendous controversy and the two characters were in the crosshairs of international show business.


Some time later it was learned about Piqué’s new partner. Shakira remained focused on her career, until her last song, where she expressed everything she felt for her ex-partner.

However, Piqué agreed with him and appeared on the networks wearing a Casio, as well as driving a Twingo. Now, the cherry on the cake, as he announced a few minutes ago, was the recent photograph with Clara Chía.