Gerard Piqué would have been unfaithful to Shakira “more than 50 times”

The separation of Shakira and Gerard Piqué after 12 years of loving relationship is still giving people talk. Although little by little each one is taking their course (Shakira with the project of moving to Miami with her children and Piqué as a couple with Clara Chía Martí) details of what their bond was continue to come to light.

One of the most shocking has to do with the alleged infidelity of the athlete towards the Colombian singer. Added to the rumors that were already circulating was an impressive statement by the paparazzi Jordi Martin, who has closely followed the footsteps of this family since the deep crisis they were going through became known.

According to the journalist, Piqué would have been unfaithful to Shakira on many occasions, some of which he witnessed. “I can tell you that there may be more than 50,” said Martin in an interview offered to the Colombian program I know everything on Channel One.

“It has failed him not only with Clara Chía, but countless times,” he said. And he added: “Shakira is now finding out everything, since she broke up with Gerard, she is finding out about numerous infidelities. A Bar Refaeli, year 2012; year 2016, her ex-partner Nuria Tomás; two years ago with a girl in a disco from Barcelona”.