Gerard Pique’s new girlfriend, Clara Chía, hospitalized after an anxiety attack

Five days after the public formalization of their couple, the companion of Gerard Pique was admitted to a clinic due to anxiety attacks, directly linked to the storm Shakira.

This is the soap opera that has been unleashing the crowds for several weeks: the separation between Gerard Pique and Shakira. Yet another twist in the case, the footballer’s new companion, Clara Chía, was hospitalized due to her anxiety, do we learn in the columns ofEl Periodico . According to information from the Catalan daily, the young woman was admitted urgently on Saturday January 28 to the Quirònsalud hospital, a private clinic in Barcelona, ​​to treat her anxiety attacks.

The couple had just isolated themselves for a few days in Cerdanya, east of the Pyrenees, and had originally planned to attend a concert in Barcelona on Saturday evening. Event to which the couple did not finally go in view of the health problems of Clara Chía. Could the news curb Shakira’s vengeful ardor? There is no doubt about it since the Colombian singer has planned, according to the Spanish newspaper brand , to unveil a new title on Gerard Pique’s birthday, February 2. And everything suggests that she could (once again) settle her accounts.

In video, BZRP Music Sessions #53, the title in which Shakira pins Gerard Piqué

Clara Chía has been in the spotlight for several months, since her romance with Gerard Piqué was unveiled. Downside: it started while he was still in a relationship with Shakira. Since then, the 23-year-old has been accused daily of breaking up a family.

The Instagram post of the former football international formalizing their relationship on January 25 has added fuel to the fire. And for good reason: under the publication, which currently has 770,000 comments, many Internet users and public figures could not help but take a stand and say they support Shakira. A final buzz that seems to have been too much for Clara Chía.

The Rolex and the Casio

After twelve years of living together (between 2010 and 2022), world superstar Shakira and former footballer Gerard Pique announced their separation in a press release in June 2022, advocating appeasement despite rumors of infidelity. But seven months later, the sportsman set fire to the powder after appearing with his new companion – and former lover, therefore – at the launch of a football tournament in Barcelona. And this, despite the pact made with Shakira, requiring Gerard Piqué to wait a year before appearing publicly on the arm of Clara Chía.

Bitter, the singer had then responded in song with the title BZRP Music Sessions #53, unveiled on January 12 on YouTube. A piece in which she pinned Gerard Pique and his mistress. “You exchanged a Ferrari for a Twingo”, we can hear him intoning, continuing with a chorus playing on the name of his rival: “Tiene number of persona buena, Clara-mente no es como suena (She bears the first name of a good person, which is clearly not the case, Editor’s note).» The diss track (a song intended to verbally attack a person) quickly rose to Spotify’s Top 50 Global chart and went viral on social media, especially on TikTok.

In pictures, the love story of Shakira and Gerard Pique

In pictures, the love story of Shakira and Gerard Pique

For his part, her ex-husband appeared the next day in a live Twitch, a Casio watch on his wrist, saying provocatively: “This watch is for life”. At the height of the media coverage, Casio’s official account crowned this watch story with a delicate Tweet: “Shakira, we may not be a Rolex, but our customers are clearly loyal to us.”

A media whirlwind

Nevertheless, while the battle between the parents of Sasha and Milan raged, Clara Chía collected the broken pots. Accused of having broken up a household, the Spaniard violently came out of anonymity, exposed to an incessant media tornado. In mid-January, celebrity journalist Lorena Vazquez explained in the Spanish newspaper’s “Mamarazzis” podcast El Periodicothat Clara Chia was stopped in the street by people recognizing her and singing to her BZRP Music Sessions #53. Harassment that led her to lock herself up with her parents, telecommute, and hire a security guard. The journalist added: “It’s not easy to be 23 years old and to be on the lips of all Spain and the whole world”. Effectively.