Gerard Piqué’s youthful and scruffy looks: the ex-soccer player “copy” his young girlfriend Clara Chía and compare him when he looked better as Shakira’s partner | People | Entertainment

Gerard Piqué continues to accumulate criticism since he decided that in his life he was not Shakira. The sentimental break between the two celebrities made him the center of negative comments, when he was judged for his infidelity with Clara Chia. Now, in the networks they say that he “copied” the scruffy looks of his girlfriend and compare it to how he looked before when he lived with the Colombian.

For months, the identity of the young woman who had conquered the heart of the former player was a mystery, and after knowing her name and presenting her officially, netizens immediately gave their opinion on the way the 23-year-old Catalan girl dressed.

The comparisons arrived, and of course it is already read in the publications of the networks that the former member of the FC Barcelona team is not interested in his image, after accumulating several appearances with combinations that speak of his reluctant styling, with which he seems to want to discount the years that separate it from the young age of the Kosmos employee.

This is how Clara Chía’s look has changed since Gerard Piqué introduced her as his girlfriend: the young woman looks more attractive and looks more groomed

Piqué’s youthful and scruffy looks with which he imitates Clara Chía

A large group of the elite of European football are part of the icons that dictate the latest trends in men’s fashion. But, Piqué is not in this scenario and after his farewell to Barca and the courts, the Catalan accumulates a thread of mistakes in terms of the way he dresses, Terra details.

For many, the former athlete is “copying” his girlfriend Clara Chía, and although it seems to be a light comment with a sense of humor, the truth is that Shakira’s ex reflects a before and after their separation, which is why some Netizens dare to affirm that he looked better when he was with the Barranquillera.

The photo of Clara that monopolized the cover of Hola magazine, in the first act with Piqué at her best friend’s wedding, the girl opted for an $800 Missoni dress with which she was branded in the networks as “bad dressed” and “scruffy”, in an absolute disapproval of her style.

The same is happening with the outfits of the businessman, who is now seen wearing a sweater, oversized sweatshirts, sports pants and many T-shirts, pieces that are now part of the combinations he uses on his outings with the blonde who occupies the center of his life.

On her arrival at the family court in Barcelona, ​​her sporty appearance bordered on informality, unlike the singer who shone with her monochromatic look and Burberry signature coat. There the father of Sasha and Milan came with a jean shirt and a cap, as well as a full and very unkempt beard.

And the worst combination was his looks as a teenager in the style hippyon his romantic getaway to Paris, when he was caught riding a skateboard, wearing a jean jacket, black glasses and a scarf tied to his head, showing himself happy next to his new love.

Undoubtedly, the last pieces that he exhibits on his outings are not the most envied in a closet of a player who recently said goodbye to the courts, just like the day he was caught walking with Clara on the street.

His current aesthetic is far from what he had in the past, with elegant and modern looks that kept him on a par with the great soccer players, when he accompanied Shakira to the red carpets.

On those formal occasions, the impeccably cut suits enhanced with fine silk ties were the combinations that Piqué used, and with which he exalted his physical attractiveness, the same one that the singer fell in love with.

“Because he dresses so ugly” and “why only black and baggy clothes” are the general comments that netizens make on the networks, where expressions continue against how the new couple of the moment dresses. (AND)

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