Gerardo Menonita conquers TikTok with videos about his culture and his modeling career in Santa Cruz

When the pandemic started Gierhard Rempel worked as elementary School teacher in a rural school. The suspension of classes left him with a lot of free time and so he discovered TikTok and began sharing videos, first of viral challenges and then answering questions from followers. “Aren’t Mennonites banned from using cell phones??”, the most recurrent.

With your spontaneity and sympathy gerardo.mennonite -translated his name into Spanish to use it on his profile- he was gaining followers and today his community is close to 228 thousand subscribers and their videos have reached up to one million views.

Gerard has 19 yearsis the youngest of 12 siblings who were born in Santa Cruz and currently lives in Ascension of Guarayos, where do you work with agricultural machinery in the field.

In some of his videos he shows his soybean cropsthe only moments in which he changes fashionable clothes for work clothes.

And it is that he always explains that they exist two types of Mennonites: traditional and modern or “rebels”he obviously belongs to the second group.

“I am not a Mennonite by religion, but by culture. Mennonite is not only a religion, but a culture based on a religion,” he clarifies to EL DEBER.

As part of the “Mennonite rebellion”, he says that he has access to the technology and social networks and wear different clothes, among other issues that are already allowed in an increasingly large and modern community. Regarding the traditional ones, he recalls that these “they wear overalls, they drive horse-drawn carriagesThey don’t have tractors with tires, but with iron wheels, and they can’t use phones or social networks.

Proud he shares that he dominates the german and the plautdietschthe language of his community, and he also speaks Spanish and is learning English.

The cultural issue did not allow him to finish school, only attended elementary school but Gerardo set himself the goal of going back to school.

I still don’t give up, I want to study and have a bachelor’s degree. I will make it,” he says.

Next stop: Santa Cruz de la Sierra

Thanks to his popularity, the Mennonite tiktoker ventured into modeling, helped by his 1.88 meters tall and his naturalness in front of the cameras.

This month, Gerardo will move to the city to immerse himself in the modeling and marketing. From the capital, he will continue to share his steps with his community, which he tries to inspire with his story.

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