Gery Keszler’s reunion with Dita Von Teese in Vienna

It is simply a total work of art! Burlesque Queen Dita Von Teese (49) has been inspiring audiences with her extravagant performances for many years. Now she has made a guest appearance with the “Glamonatrix” tour at the Burgtheater in Vienna.

“With the success of my last tour in Europe, I came home more inspired than ever and got straight to work imagining new acts. I’m coming back with a bigger show than I’ve ever toured before. In these historic theaters filled with Being in an extravagantly dressed audience creates an atmosphere like I’ve never experienced before.For me, burlesque has always been a way of finding my own strength and confidence, embracing sensuality and encouraging others to do the same in their own lives.Glamour is the art of creating mystery and allurement, the new Glamonatrix show brings together all these qualities,” says Von Teese.

Of course, this is not her first visit to Vienna. Four times was the ex-wife of shock rockers Marilyn Manson namely already a guest at the Life Ball, by the way, she was also at the Opera Ball before, together with Baumeister Richard Lugner. In the State Opera she felt so harassed that she fled to the toilet and only wanted to come out under police protection.

Lugner did not visit her in the Burgtheater, but did Gery Keszler, the Life Ball dad. He also posted a great photo together on Instagram and Facebook.