Ghislaine Maxwell: Your new prison is an upgrade

For the next 20 years, she’ll feel like she’s in a long-running sequel to Orange is the New Black. No wonder, because while her victims wished Ghislaine Maxwell (60) would languish in a Stalinist gulag until the end of her days, the Epstein accomplice ends up in a “Disneyland with bars”. That’s what the Danbury Federal Correctional Institution in the US state of Connecticut, which served as the template for the hit series “Orange is the New Black”, is also called.

Maxwell had spent the last 23 months in Brooklyn’s run-down Metropolitan Detention Center, which even die-hard inmates call a “hell hole.” The fact that she is now being transferred to the comparatively luxurious minimum-security prison in Connecticut is solely due to her last place of residence. More specifically, Danbury is the closest to Maxwell’s New Hampshire home, where she was arrested by the FBI.