Gigi Hadid doesn’t feel like chasing Leonardo DiCaprio

    In recent months, the media around the world have echoed that Gigi Hadid and Leonardo DiCaprio were dating, But recently, rumors have been circulating that the actor has already had his eye on another model, and Hadid seems to be fine with it. DiCaprio was seen in hollywood last week with 23-year-old model Victoria Lamas. A source says that Leo and Victoria were with a large group of friends and that when they left together in a car, they were accompanied by other people.

    This fact It must not have bothered Gigi Hadid much, since an informant told ‘Page Six’ that Gigi doesn’t have the energy to go after DiCaprio. because “her routine is too much for her.” DiCaprio travels a lot: he’s just been to Miami, then Los Angeles, and now he’s likely heading to St. Barts for the New Year. And yet The model’s priority is to be by her daughter Khai’s side.

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    Stephane Cardinale-Corbis / Getty Images

    Gigi Hadid and Leonardo DiCaprio were last seen together in mid-November. at a dinner in New York. At that time, other sources warned that Gigi Hadid did not want anything serious with Leonardo DiCaprio, among other things, for not harming her ex, Zayn Malik, the father of her daughter and from whom she separated in September 2021. Another person Close to the topmodel, she said that at that moment they were just getting to know each other and taking things easy.