Gigi Hadid: Is Yolanda a Horror Mom?

Bella Hadid, 25, speaks openly for the first time about beauty surgeries, anorexia and the competition with her sister! Why her mother Yolanda Hadid, 58, should be responsible.

  • Bella Hadid has now spoken openly about her youth
  • She had her nose operated on when she was 14
  • Her mother Yolanda is apparently also to blame for the beauty madness

Bella Hadid: “I was the uglier sister”

She has two super successful model daughters. Yolanda Hadid has done a lot for this – and apparently also accepted that the younger Bella Hadid mentally ill became. In “Vogue” the catwalk beauty admitted for the first time that she
had a nose job when she was just 14 years old. A decision she now regrets:

I wish I had kept the nose of my ancestors. I think I would have learned to live with

she means. But as a teenager, she didn’t feel as strong. Rather the opposite! She was always in competition with her older sister Gigi, who was already modeling like her mother once did.

I was the uglier sister

like that Bella. “I was the brunette. I was not as cool as Gigi, not so open minded.” And apparently not that thin either. Because Bella also developed one Eating disorder. “I used this calorie counter app which was like hell for me. I was just having my little lunch of my three raspberries and my stick of celery. I was just trying, so now I know, to control myself while I think about everything else had no control.” Eventually, she sought therapy to help manage her depression and dysfunctional relationship with food. Nevertheless, she still suffers from strong self-doubt. “To this day I can hardly look in the mirror because I haven’t forgotten that time”, according to Bella. Pretty bitter!

Yolanda Hadid: Is she pressuring her daughters?

Her mother Yolanda in particular is now getting her fat off the net after her daughter’s revelation. Because instead of supporting Bella emotionally at the time, she is said to have poured oil on the fire. In old episodes of the reality show “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” you can clearly see how Yolanda Gigi did it Eating forbidden. “You know in Paris and Milan they like the girls skinny”, she says. Bella will have treated her the same way.

A toxic environment for teenagers! Yolanda even supported her 14-year-old daughter Bella undergoes nose job undergoes to be “more beautiful”. “For Yolanda it was always clear that both of her daughters had to be successful in the modeling business. Instead of explaining to Bella that she didn’t have to change anything about herself and that she was just right, she financed her a beauty operation. How sick it is and what she what triggered this in the young girl she will probably never fully understand. It worked in her world: Bella is one of the most in-demand models in the world.”according to an insider.

Article from the current print edition of OK! by Julia Zuraw.

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