Gil Alma (César Wagner): what he experienced particularly badly in his divorce from his wife Aminata

This Friday, January 6, France 2 is broadcasting a new unreleased episode of Caesar Wagner, his detective series embodied by Gil Alma. The opportunity to pour out on the sentimental life of the actor, who had a very bad experience of his divorce with his wife Aminata.

After The Missing of the Black Forest on TF1 this Thursday, fans of detective fiction will be in joy again this Friday, January 6th. This time, it is on France 2 that it will be necessary to connect to follow the broadcast of the series Caesar Wagner. In this sixth episode, the policeman played by Gil Alma, supported by the pathologist Elise Beaumont (Olivia Côte), is responsible for investigating in the Vosges forest after the discovery of the lifeless body of Juliette Plessy, a famous photographer and activist of the animal cause. Problem : this prospect hardly enchants this inveterate hypochondriac… But his vulnerability is precisely what makes the character so charming.

His hypochondria makes him flee any relationship, for fear of contagion. His sexuality remains quite ambiguous: it’s a comic spring of the series that we would lose if he got into a relationship”Explain the 43-year-old actor in the columns of TV 7 Days. Single, Gil Alma is just as much as his character, he who recently separated from his wife Aminata, the mother of his two children Charlie and Sacha.

Gil Alma and Aminata have been together for 15 years

“After 15 years, our story with Aminata ends”. It is by these simple words, published on social networks, that Gil Alma had announced his breakup on August 30th. Without elaborating on the subject, the actor of the series Our dear neighbors did not hide his pain. “It takes courage to take the plunge, to confess the whole truth, so terrible. The last three months have been dark, but there is no light. And oddly, as a sign of hope, as if someone were telling me that you still have to believe in Love, I was playing and I’m playing a show in which… I’m getting marriedhe had written with sincerity.

But if he was ironic at the time about playing a future groom in the theater, Gil Alma confided long after that it had actually been very difficult for him to live. “I’m doing a show about marriage. At first, I was in the middle of a breakup and I cried when I left the stagehe recently confided in the columns of Gala. Moreover, the single dad admits it: this divorce is one of the tests “the most complicated” of his life