Gil Ofarim : Hotel director describes time after his allegations

What a roller coaster ride of emotions it was: Last October, Gil Ofarim (39) accused the staff of a Leipzig hotel of insulting him anti-Semitically. The public prosecutor’s office in Leipzig has been investigating the singer since the end of March. He is charged with defamation and false accusation. Now the director of the Leipzig hotel has spoken.

“Westin Hotel” director: “It wasn’t a shitstorm, it was a hurricane”

In the NDR show “Zapp”, Andreas Hachmeister, the director of the “Westin Hotel”, has now told how he and his staff experienced the allegations of anti-Semitism. The time after that was anything but easy. “It wasn’t a shit storm for us. It was a hurricane. Or even worse than a storm that swept over us,” explains Hachmeister.

A number of press inquiries from all over the world have reached the hotel. Hachmeister also criticizes how the media treated the hotel. “It hits you in the heart,” sums up the hotel director. Even half a year later it was difficult to deal with.

Thousands of hate calls have reached the hotel. The shitstorm on social media was also frightening and tough. Of course that does something to you, says Hachmeister. “Part of my life changed on October 5th,” explains the hotel director on the NDR show.

Prosecutors sue Gil Ofarim: false suspicion and defamation

After months of investigation, the singer was suddenly in the pillory: He is said to have only made up the allegations! On March 31, the public prosecutor’s office in Leipzig brought charges against the 39-year-old. He is charged with defamation and false accusation.

The former “Let’s Dance” winner and dance partner of Ekaterina Leonova (35) has to respond to the charges within four weeks. But so far the musician has probably missed it!

What really happened that evening at The Westin Leipzig hotel? You can see the recordings of the surveillance cameras in the video above!

Gil Ofarim has not yet commented on the charges

His lawyer would have received the indictment on April 11, as Hans Jagenlauf, the presiding judge of the Leipzig district court, said in an interview with “picture“explained. So far, however, the competent chamber has not been able to make a decision regarding the opening of the main proceedings.

“Mr. Ofarim has until Monday to comment on the allegations,” says Jagenlauf.

According to Ofarim’s lawyer, Markus Hennig, the singer wanted to stick to his statement.