Gilberto Navarrete seeks a change in the musicians’ union

Gilberto Navarrete, CEO of the Sonora Santanera of Carlos Colorado seeks to occupy the General Secretariat of the Single Union of Music Workers (SUTM), is running against Víctor Guzmán, who is seeking re-election for the third consecutive time.

One of Navarrete’s main concerns is that the pandemic has left orphan musicians of sources of work with the cancellation of concerts chamber music, live shows, fairs, palenques, dance halls, halls of large hotels, closed and open-air theaters.

This will be the first time that the 1,700 Union members will vote at the SUTM-CdMx headquarters near the Taxqueña Metro and not at the CTM facilities in the Tabacalera neighborhood.

In interview with The Sun of Mexico, the member for 16 years of the Sonora Santanera He does not see a simple scenario, since the current leader of the Philharmonic Guild is seeking re-election for the third time.

He worries that they will continue the “possible old-school union shenanigans that have brought them to power for the past 32 years.”

Navarrete commented that “a Election Commission with six elements chosen by the committee that is leaving, and as a second point, we noticed a register of members of musicians different from the one initially registered in the Secretary of Labor. We are going to make a difference and electoral transparency. And yes, I am concerned that in said register there are not many philharmonics from the base who support me in these elections”.


Gilberto Navarrete explained that he accepted the application proposed by some of his colleagues because he wishes there would be a renewal.

“All our lives we have been musicians of ancestry, since we have inherited it from our grandparents, my father, my uncles and now my children continue in this worthy and beautiful profession.

“The other fact that led me to be a candidate is seeing that my colleagues musicians Complicated situations happen, beyond what is permissible and that finally motivated me to say, I am going with you, we are going to plant the seed, so that a new union is born, because it has the best in its ranks mexican musicians recognized worldwide”.

Unlike previous elections, “we have achieved that members can vote by presenting the INE credential, the passport or the professional card, but not the union credential. We start at 10 in the morning and the polls close at 6:00 p.m. for immediate counting.

The musician He said that he longs for an exemplary union, strong with an international presence and with decent collective contracts.

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“There are colleagues who earn 250 pesos for two days of work a day or at night. We are going for the change, for a fair renewal and according to the times, we seek that each partner instead of winning 250 pesos, minimum be 1,500 pesos”.

If he is favored with the vote of his colleagues, one of the changes he plans is “to make the Great Forum a great venue at the level of a National Auditorium or the Roberto Cantoral Cultural Center; also hire experts in finance, administration and legal people who advise us to properly manage the assets that we have as musicians in the guild heritage and also to advise each of the affiliated musicians to the SUTM”, he added.