Gilles Clément and Anne-Valérie Gasc exhibit in Mouans-Sartoux

Between ecology and modification of reality, the Espace de l’art concret welcomes contemporary art within its walls, from July 10 to October 16. Focus on two artists in tune with our time.

The EAC (Concrete Art Space) is located in the pretty town of Mouans-Sartoux, in the hinterland of Cannes. Composed of a park designed by the gardener, landscaper and botanist Gilles Clément – ​​who has just greened the forecourt of a car park in the city –, a refined building signed by Swiss architects Gigon and Guyer, it prides itself on a medieval castle that hosts temporary exhibitions of contemporary art. Among the highlights of the summer, focus on two artists:

Gilles Clement

It is known worldwide for its gardens and its ecological commitments to nature. We owe him the concepts of “garden in movement”, “third landscape” and the attitude “to observe more and garden less”. Through documents, photographs and testimonies, the exhibition will highlight his work and make him dialogue with contemporary artists such as Eva Jospin, Enrique Ramirez…

Anne-Valerie Gasc

For her, the notion of destruction is a tool that modifies our perception of reality. It develops strategies (shock waves, sabotage, conflagration, etc.) that could lead to the disappearance of the occupied spaces. Result: a concern for the spectator and a reflection on our time and its appearances. The exhibition presents the Crash Box series, the Vitrifications project and the Première Ligne work specially designed for the EAC. This time it echoes the tradition of constructed art and resembles, in its symbolism and shape, the cross of Saint Andrew.

Gilles Clement, If the parallels intersect… and Anne-Valerie Gasc, blind machines. The two exhibitions take place from July 10 to October 16, in Mouans-Sartoux (Alpes-Maritimes).