Gina Schumacher: Michael Schumacher’s daughter in mourning and totally devastated

Since the tragedy, apart from his children and his wife, no one has seen Michael Schumacher. This ordeal of 2023it’s the last straw!

Michael Schumacher’s family is in mourning!

December 28, 2013. For fans of Michael Schumacher, it’s the end of a blessed period. Indeed, no one could have imagined that an innocuous ski holiday would change to such an extent. A few minutes are enough for the Formula 1 champion to skid and then collapse. Under the eyes of his helpless little knight, the firefighters work hard to bring him back to life. It’s obvious, nothing in the daily life of this champion will ever be the same again! If he was able to thrill motor racing enthusiasts, he had time to share and transmit this passion to his younger brother. As for her eldest daughter Gina, she follows in the footsteps of her mother Corinna Schumacher. Far from the noise of the engine or the smell of gasoline, they devote a real cult to the horse.

At almost a quarter of a century, Gina has more than one trick up her sleeve. Thanks to her Instagram account, we see her evolve in the middle of stud farms. Moreover, the princess of Michael Schumacher does not have to be ashamed of her prize list. Specialized in reining, she clings to this sport like a lifeline. Out of sight, day and night, she trains and doesn’t give up. Much to the chagrin of its rivals, she attempts and succeeds in tricks ever more impressive and improbable. Two years after the tragedy, she became European junior champion. In 2017, it is the consecration, since the jury considers that it is the most talented in the world. Alas, in the last hours, a terrible accident will come question everything.

And here is the drama !

May 2023 start badly for Gina! As she was about to go up in the saddle, he is informed that one of the favorite horses is not well. Worse still, he would be about to reach the stars. Decision is made to pay him a vibrant tribute on the Web. Using a slideshow, she tells her subscribers how Digger was important in his career, but also in his spare time. At the house of Objeko, we can easily imagine how much he was able to temporarily help him put aside his sentence for Michael Schumacher. ” I had to say goodbye to one of my best friends (…) My heart breaks as it has to be let go, but sometimes we have to make tough decisions in order to do [le nécessaire] for our [compagnons] animals (…)” As if he could hear her, she doesn’t hesitate to thank him. for all the amazing times you gave our family and for every mile we ran together. »

By not closing the comments, Gina realizes with emotion how much her followers share her grief. Like what they regularly do for Michael Schumacherno doubt they will know find the words to soothe his pain. In the meantime, let’s wish him a lot of courage to face this difficult moment.