Gina Schumacher shows a touching Christmas present from mom and dad

”Mom and Dad hit the spot with these Christmas gifts. Thank you very much”, writes Gina Schumacher on Facebook.

Gina-Maria Schumacher (25) is a successful Western dressage rider and, in line with her passion, she received a touching Christmas present from her parents, Corinna Schumacher and Formula 1 legend Michael Schumacher. The couple gifted their daughter a special belt buckle. A photo of it can be seen on the Facebook page of the family’s ranch in Texas:

The joy about the gift seems to be great: ”Mum and Dad hit the bull’s eye with these Christmas presents. Thank you very much”, writes Gina Schumacher on Facebook.

The front buckle features the name Gina Schumacher, a one in a large star, the word “million” and a dollar sign. Gina-Maria Schumacher has already won more than a million dollars in prize money in western riding in her career.

“The eleven gold stars stand for their eleven European championships, four rose gold stars for the world championships and one white gold star,” explains designer Holly Spagnola the symbolism behind the belt buckle.

The company “Holly Spagnola Design” posted Gina’s Christmas surprise on Facebook – and showed it from all sides:

“We are proud of you. Papa & Mama” is engraved on the back of the belt buckle. The date of the very special gift was also immortalized: December 24th, 2022.