Ginette Reno discusses her recent weight loss

Recently, in an interview with the magazine Featured EchoesGinette Reno discussed her recent weight loss.

I lost about twenty pounds. I now weigh 194 lbs. I was at 217 pounds. I already weighed 305 pounds! My health benefits. I hardly take any medication for my diabetes. I’m in the process of mourning and by doing so, I wake up to something else. I’m so proud! I have been sick. I had to be kicked in the behind, because I don’t walk with tenderness, me “, did she say.

Then, she explains how she managed to lose these 20 pounds: “ By stopping eating my trigger foods, that is to say foods that I cannot touch: sugar in all its forms, pasta, flour. Eventually I would say I eliminated all the P’s and the desserts. I treat myself to dessert once in a while, but that’s it. »

Ginette Reno received the Legion of Honor on her 76th birthday. Learn more here. She was radiant that day!

Also, she sang at the funeral of her friend Guy Lafleur. Watch his performance here; it gives chills!

Remember that the great lady of the song was close to death in October 2021, after suffering heart problems.