Gino Assereto on returning with Jazmín Pinedo: “Happiness does not require dependencies” | show business-elebs-peru-eeg-this is war | SHOWS

The reality boy Gino Assereto responded to a user who asked him to resume his relationship with the presenter Jasmine Pinedo for the welfare of his daughter.

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It is worth mentioning that the model and the host of “+Espectáculos” were a couple for almost seven years and had a daughter, now seven years old.

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On his Instagram account, Assereto published a photograph accompanied by a message for the end of 2022. “With your information I lived the miracle, I found light and meaning as I passed through this world. This 2023 we are still on the road, ”she wrote.

Likewise, the former participant of “Esto Es Guerra” replied to a user who suggested that he return to the mother of his daughter for the good of the minor. “Happiness doesn’t require dependencies,” he said.

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The presenter visited the program “El reventonazo de la Chola” last Saturday and opened her heart by touching on various topics, including rumors that she would have a new suitor after being single for four years.

“I have always prioritized myself because I had to recover certain things that I had lost, I immersed myself in my work, my studies and my daughter above all things. It is difficult for me to talk a lot about what I feel and many times it is pointed out to me as hard or cold, because I like to live my processes alone, ”said Jazmín Pinedo.