Giovanni Zarrella is working with the Silbereisen producer on a new album

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Giovanni Zarrella is working with the Silbereisen producer on a new album
Florian Silbereisen and Giovanni Zarrella on stage at the Saturday evening show Schlagerchampions © Imago

Working on his next album: Giovanni Zarrella is recording his new LP with Florian Silbereisen’s producer. The musician’s upcoming record is one of his “most beautiful”.

Andernach – collaboration on his new studio album! Giovanni Zarrella (44) is currently in the process of recording his next album, which he is currently working on in Andernach together with Christian Geller (47), the music producer of Florian Silbereisen (40).

The music producer from Berlin has now reported to the singer’s fans on his official Instagram account with a video clip and gave an update on the studio recordings for the upcoming new LP of the former Bro’Sis star. The producer made it exciting, announcing: “Ladies and gentlemen. Look who’s here.” The musician then joined him and joked that the music producer was really pushing him as he worked on his new songs and wanted to get the best out of him. Jana Ina’s (45) husband revealed with a wink: “Today he really whipped me.”

Giovanni Zarrella: collaboration with Florian Silbereisen producer!

The ‘Senza te (Without You)’ hitmaker also admitted in the clip that he’s a bit tired after recording his new songs in the studio and is taking a break from working on his upcoming LP. He revealed with a laugh: “We wanted to do two more numbers, that’s no longer possible.” In addition, the next album by the “Fernsehgarten” celebrity would be the greatest that he has recorded so far.

“It’s really going to be the most beautiful album I’ve had the pleasure of making to date,” enthused the TV presenter happily. So the fans of the singer can look forward to a great record, which will surely make the hard work of the musicians worthwhile in the end!