Giovanni Zarrella makes bizarre compliment

Giovanni Zarrella was the guessing team guest in the second "Masked Singer"show of the new season.

Giovanni Zarrella was the guessing team guest on the second “Masked Singer” show of the new season. picture: ProSieben/Julia Feldhagen

03/27/2022, 07:2003/27/2022, 08:23

Since last week, “The Masked Singer” can be puzzled again – but initially without moderator Matthias Opdenhövel, who had to pause due to a corona infection. This Saturday he celebrated his comeback, while Giovanni Zarrella supported the advice team around Ruth Moschner and Rea Garvey.

In some moments, however, the show guest left a strange impression: For example, at one point he said “The most famous show is well known” when he obviously wanted to refer to “Let’s Dance”, but did not name the title of the show. Did he forget about it? Later he gave the candidate under the zebra mask a rather questionable compliment.

“The Masked Singer”: The advice team puzzles over a curious detail

Rea Garvey had already raved the previous week that the zebra was his favorite “The Masked Singer” costume of all time, and in the latest issue the “flirt” went into the next round: the zebra confessed to being in love with the singer. It is usually Matthias Opdenhövel who humorously flirts with the masks on stage.

But of course there was also guesswork. The guessing team noticed a fart imitation that the zebra had performed in the clip. Ruth Moschner gave the direction after the performance and deduced:

“The fart reminded me that Carolin Kebekus is a sensational fart impersonator. It’s really sensational, she did that on ‘LOL’ too.”

Carolin Kebekus is a hot tip for the zebra.

Carolin Kebekus is a hot tip for the zebra.Image: ProSieben/Julia Feldhagen

Although Tahnee and Anke Engelke were also mentioned as tips, the advice team could actually have picked up a hot lead with Carolin Kebekus. In any case, after Ruth, Giovanni Zarrella also took up the suspicion and took the opportunity to distribute a somewhat dubious compliment: “Sings great, but also farts well”, he stated that he knew about Carolin Kebekus. As a tip, the comedian slipped “totally logically to first place” with him.

“You have to be able to fart, and she’s damn good at it,” he even added, while Ruth was sure: “The fart imitation is the key”. In this case, the player could actually have given a useful tip – the viewers regularly despair of the tips provided by ProSieben and accuse the broadcaster of scattering hints in the clips about the candidates absolutely arbitrarily. The fart scene, on the other hand, caused amusement not only for the advice team, but also for Twitter users.