Giovanni Zarrella surprises with visually stunning video for “Un Angelo”

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Giovanni Zarrella surprises with visually stunning video for “Un Angelo”
Giovanni Zarrella has released a new music video. © dpa | Joerg Carstensen; R. Schmiegelt/Future Image/IMAGO

Giovanni Zarrella will release a new album in August. In order to shorten the waiting time, he is already presenting his first single “Un Angelo” from it, including a video. The Schlager fans are excited.

Cologne – Giovanni Zarrella (44, everything about Giovanni Zarrella) is currently starting again with new music. The German-Italian’s recipe for success is to sing well-known songs in Italian. His new CD, for which Schlager fans must be eagerly awaiting, will be released in August – but he has now released his first single with a video.

With “Un Angelo” Giovanni Zarrella presents a well-known world hit in Italian

With “Un Angelo” Giovanni Zarrella uses the song “Angels” by Robbie Williams. In his video for the song you can see the 44-year-old in a white suit standing in a wide landscape.

For his new video, from which he also published excerpts on Instagram, Zarrella writes that he will be “musically dad again.” One day before the release he is excited: “Tomorrow there will be the video for UN ANGELO – the first video from my new album PER SEMPER. I always think a lot about the video, because it is supposed to narrate and underscore the music with the help of pictures.”

“Become a musical dad again”: Giovanni Zarrella surprises with a visually stunning video for “Un Angelo”

The musician also asks his fans: “How do you like the first few seconds of it?” They express themselves enthusiastically under the post: Giovanni’s wife Jana Ina Zarrella comments with many red hearts and writes “Sooo beautiful!” Kerstin Ott gives it Flame emoji and also the official page of the “Giovanni Zarrella Show” leaves a “Wow”. In addition to the well-known hit stars, the fans are also celebrating the new music: “Fantastic!” or “The song is so beautiful” can be read under Giovanni Zarrella’s post.

Comments on Giovanni Zarrella's music video.
Comments on Giovanni Zarrella’s music video. © Screenshot Instagram/Giovanni Zarrella

Recently, Giovanni Zarrella also showed rare insights into his family life. He visited his sister, who is moving into a house with her family. Zarrella was proud. Sources used: