Gisele Oppermann: She deleted her Instagram account

Gisele Opperman
She deleted her Instagram account

Gisele Oppermann on the Red Carpet in 2020.

Gisele Oppermann on the Red Carpet in 2020.

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Ex-“GNTM” participant Gisele Oppermann deleted her Instagram account for her boyfriend. Many men had written to her there.

Gisele Oppermann (34) is out: The former “GNTM” participant has deleted her Instagram account. The main reason for this is her boyfriend, as she revealed “picture”.. He doesn’t have an account himself, “and I don’t want jealousies to arise because a lot of men write to me there,” says Oppermann.

Unnecessary for the job

The amount of time that goes into the platform is also too much for Oppermann. Instagram stressed her and was superficial, the newspaper quoted her as saying. An Instagram account is therefore not necessary for her career either: “I certainly don’t need it for my TV jobs,” she explains.

Oppermann became known in 2008 as a candidate on the show “Germany’s next top model”, where she came sixth. In 2019, she took part in the 13th season of “I’m a Celebrity – Get Me Out of Here” and placed 9th. In 2021 she was on the show “Adam sucht Eva”. It is not known who the boyfriend of the half-Brazilian is.