Glass of water scam: this scam is wreaking havoc, the police are sounding the alarm!

There are countless new scams in France. This time, the police are calling to be careful faced with a new glass of water scam that targets the elderly. But how exactly does it work? This is what we are going to see right away. Don’t worry, Objeko’s editorial staff will tell you everything about it. Are you ready ?

A well-established scam

Unfortunately, scams are more and more legion in the country. And the least we can say is that the new year has not stopped the crooks. Thus, a few hours ago, we became acquainted with a new scam. It was the police themselves who alerted the population after his discovery. On social networks, the police write:Attention ! Two men pretending to need a glass of water are invited to the home of the elderly to steal money from them“.

As you therefore understand, this is a trickery scam. And the technique is very simple for the crooks. Above all, it is not obvious to the victims. It must be said that when ringing the bell to ask for a glass of water, the elderly do not directly think of a theft. So, kindly, they open and go get a glass of water. Unfortunately for them, once that’s done, the trap closes right in on them. The crooks will have plenty of time to steal what they find.

Do not open to anyone

After stealing cash or jewelry belonging to their victim, the scammers leave. Moreover, they are often no longer there when the person comes back with his glass of water. It is for this reason that the police insist on not opening to just anyone:“If people insist on entering your home, it is important to check their number in the peephole of the door before opening. Do not open to anyone either and above all do not bring in a stranger, even if he seems to be in good faith.“.

Finally, if someone is pressing, it is better to call the police directly. Indeed, the glass of water scam is only a new facet of the scams in sight these days. I have to say that the elderly are targets for thieves. Uusing all kinds pretexts to enter their homes to steal money, jewelry and valuables. Simulation of feeling unwell, need to drink a glass of water or clean up a stain, etc.