Gloria Trevi: Collapses stage prior to concert in Xalapa and offers alternative show

Mexico.- Gloria Trevi She turned to her social networks to announce that because the stage prior to her concert in Xalapa, Veracruz collapsed, her show would be new and alternative, since she was not willing to give up.

This Saturday afternoon, May 14, the day Gloria Trevi had a concert scheduled at the Baseball stadium of the Universidad Veracruzanaan accident occurred that ended with the entire structure of its stage damaged, but fortunately there were no injuries.

The singer from Monterrey would present her Isla Divina tour this Saturday night, but she had to modify it after the accident and give a completely new one. Photo: Instagram

In images that began to circulate on social networks, it was possible to see how the stage was left after the spectacular accident.

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The Monterrey singer made a live through Instagram to talk with her fans and although she looked a little sad, she assured that she would give the concert, however due to the accident it could not be as planned.

Today has been very intense because something happened that we did not expect: thus, literally, the structure of the stage fell to be able to present Isla Divina here, in Xalapa,” the Monterrey native reported through a video.

‘La Trevi’ explained that although it was new, the structure was destroyed. Photos: Instagram

“No one is exempt from an accident. Thank God there were no injuries, which is the most important thing. No one from the staff, no one on stage … the public will hardly meet at night,” Trevi said in the video.

The interpreter of “Everyone looks at me” and “With closed eyes” confirmed that despite the mishap the concert would take place.

“We are going to meet tonight, yes, because I have told them that we must move on, that we do not give up. And in this case we are not going to give up and we are going to present ourselves tonight here, in Xalapa, in in the midst of the storm, against all odds,” he explained.

“It will not be able to be Isla Divina because the stage, being practically new, was destroyed, but I want to thank all the guys on the staff because they are building another stage in another area to be able to present another concert, which will be a very special concert, it will be ‘alternative’, it is practically going to be something new for the public and something new for me, but we are going to release it with all our soul, heart and with all the eggs in the world and with all the love,” he said.

However, the concert would have to be postponed, as it would start until 11:30 at night, three hours later than scheduled. “The joke of life is to never give up,” explained the royal.

“I was crying, but life came back to my heart. I think the most important thing is to comply with all the security measures for the public, but also to bring a lot of joy,” he told his followers in the video.

Gloria Trevi made a live video to warn her fans that she would not give up and the concert was still on. Photo: Video Capture

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