Gloria Trevi: from the apocalypse to Isla Divina | shows

Gloria Trevi has survived “several apocalypses”, which have strengthened her personally and artistically; and from where she today builds her “Isla Divina”, a new record production that emerged in the midst of the pandemic and that symbolizes the idyllic hope of a better future.

“I have had several apocalypses. I had a time when I was also locked up, but not for health reasons and I have been able to reflect on many things, but the pandemic, mainly by showing me my teeth, illness and death, made me aware of that great blessing we have when we say health. , which is a great word and a great blessing”, reflected the Mexican singer-songwriter to questions from THE SPOKESPERSON.

With the confinement caused by the global health emergency, Trevi entered into a process of anger, before rediscovering himself with the illusion on which his new musical bet is based, which includes the song Goddess of the night, where he establishes “I am big, hard strong and powerful”.

“Suddenly, everything stops there. The Goddess of the Night breaks her dreams, her plans, her tour, everything stops for everyone and an apocalypse begins, ”she recalled about her state prior to receiving the theme Too Fragile, by Érika Ender.

“I am a composer, but when a song comes to me, I become an interpreter and I am very grateful to Érika for having composed that song, because at that time I could not write anything. She wrote and they were dark things, because she was very angry ”, she abounded about the song that marked a new route.

“I let go and start creating Divine Island. I begin to be able to sing about hope, about love, about conquests, about remembering what it means to conquer”, he added about the proposal that includes We went crazy with Guaynaa, How to ask for forgiveness, The relapse and He was wrong, which will be available from tomorrow on all digital platforms.

However, Trevi acknowledges that this process was meritorious.

“What I needed at that moment wasn’t depression, it was joy, hope, things that would make you want to die. There was a physical illness, but then a mental illness began. And then, pretend that I grabbed hold of my little spark of light that I carry inside, that we all carry inside, and then I turned it into a Divine Island”, highlighted who “I do not live in the past, I live in the future”.

But not everything was negative in the pandemic. “On the positive side, I made this album. I worked a lot, there were about two months that I sank for everything. Eternal loves were put to the test, I had to rehearse how to ask for forgiveness, because perhaps I suddenly put too much pressure, because I also had too much pressure, and I took advantage and was working on the bio series, which will soon start recording.

He will not act in his bio series

And it is that the voice of Loose Hair supervises the production of Televisa, in which he will tell his story without intermediaries. Although he assured this newspaper that they want him to act in the series, he admitted that he could not.

“There are many scenes that I could not do, because just by reliving it, remembering it… I already lived it, it was already very strong, it would be very difficult for me. I could not act many things in my life, “ acknowledged about the process for which several actresses will be recruited to recreate from their childhood to the present, including their more than three decades of experience, in which they have sold millions of records and their songs are part of the soundtrack of several generations .

Trevi is also preparing for the start of her Isla Divina World Tour, which will take her to 40 cities in the United States, starting on August 13 at the Puerto Rico Coliseum.

“It is a concert that begins with a great relief, making a catharsis, to later become pure joy. We are going to have to get to the bottom, because it is only from the ashes that one can rise like the phoenix, ”he warned about the two-and-a-half-hour show.

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