Gloria Trevi’s husband reacts to a lawsuit for child abuse against the singer – El Sol de México

“There will be absolutely nothing that is not clear, neither before nor after, everything will fall into place. It is a very serious crime to deceive and even more so in a US court, hopefully they already have the courage they lack to face their slander and lies. Whatever they do, or invent, Gloria is a winner,” Armando Gómez, husband and representative of Gloria Trevi, posted on his Twitter account, after the dissemination of a lawsuit against the singer and producer Sergio Andrade, by two women. who claim to have been victims of rape when they were minors.

Gómez points out in her message that she hopes that, in effect, they will go to trial, but mentions the initials of the communicator Pati Chapoy, whom the singer sued in 2009. For 14 years, Trevi and the journalist, as well as TV Azteca, have met in a legal proceeding; the singer filed a defamation lawsuit.

In networks, Armando Gómez shared that the television station and the communicator were denied an appeal to avoid appearing in court.

He also shared a couple of archive videos in which the writers Guadalupe Loaeza and Carlos Monsiváis praise Trevi, along with another message: “As they say, in enemies you realize what kind of wreck they are. Fortunately for us, friends are very different, with a very different zip code from our enemies who will continue to writhe with rage and envy #lacuestadeenero hits them hard PC and company”.

On Wednesday night, the 54-year-old from Monterrey shared a video from Spain, where she will spend this weekend and in which she clarifies that she is fine, but will be ready for whatever comes.

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“The darkest moment of the night is when the dawn will begin, when the dawn will begin. I am going to prepare for everything that any human being on the planet has to prepare for, for good and to fight against anything “, he said in the clip.