GNTM 2022: This is what Lieselotte looked like as a young rock singer – amazing resemblance to Viola

Updated on 03/24/2022 23:04

  • At the age of 66, GNTM candidate Lieselotte can already look back on significantly more life experience than the other models.
  • She was a singer in a rock band in the GDR and, as she reveals in episode eight, had a wild time back then.
  • On Instagram, she shows what she looked like back then.

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At 66, Lieselotte is not only the oldest GNTM candidate still in the running in season 17, she is also an absolute crowd pleaser. With her snappy jokes and her ability to transform the catwalk into a comedy stage, she has won the hearts of many viewers.

In addition to her favorite topic – men – Lieselotte also likes to talk about her past in the GDR. And it was obviously pretty wild, as you can see again and again.

Lieselotte talks about her wild past at GNTM

Lieselotte’s time in the GDR and her long single life are also discussed in the eighth GNTM episode. During interview training, the Berliner is asked which mistake she regrets. “I would say in terms of men. That’s why I’ve been single most of my life, I never want to have a partner to have a partner again. Even when I’m single, I don’t have any feelings of inferiority.”

If there were no rules in her life for a day, what would Lieselotte do then, she is also asked. “I had a free life as a rock musician. And there you could really live it up, even in the GDR, and overcome a few barriers. Also in terms of fashion.” In view of this past, a rule-free day doesn’t really seem desirable for the 66-year-old. At the moment she has no rules in her life anyway because she is retired.

This is what Lieselotte used to look like

She recently showed what Lieselotte looked like at the time on Instagram. Shortly before the makeover episode, she posted a photo there that showed her performing 35 years ago. A pink mullet, a black mini dress and white gloves underline the wild look of the then 31-year-old.

Some fans immediately notice parallels to GNTM comrade-in-arms Viola, who has been polarizing with her pink mullet since episode one. “At first I thought it was Viola,” writes a user under the picture, for example. And indeed, a certain resemblance to Viola cannot be denied.

That was Lieselotte’s tape “Mona Lise”

Lieselotte Reznicek, as her full name is, was the frontwoman of the rock band “Mona Lise” from 1982 to 1989. She sang and played keyboards.

The rock band, which initially consisted only of women and later received male support, was successful in the GDR. In 1984 she achieved her title “Tina” took 45th place in the GDR annual hit parade. The band finally broke up in 1989 because Lieselotte wanted to work as a teacher and take care of her son. Even today, Lieselotte occasionally appears as a singer.

GNTM: Lieselotte made it to Berlin Fashion Week

“Germany’s Next Top Model” candidate Lieselotte quickly became a fan favorite with her positive nature. And even outside of the show, the 66-year-old seems to be in full swing. She is allowed to walk for Marcel Ostertag at the Berlin Fashion Week.