GNTM in the couch ticker: Heidi Klum has to cancel the decision – desert wind makes models difficult

Updated on 03/24/2022 at 8:44 p.m

  • In the eighth GNTM episode, Heidi Klum’s models run through the desert as fashion aliens.
  • This is a shaky affair, because the desert wind is troubling the models.
  • As always, you can follow the new episode here in the couch ticker.

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8:39 p.m.: It’s actually a bit frightening how the up-and-coming models can bring absolutely pointless products to their followers without batting an eyelid.

8:37 p.m.: Tiktokerin Sophie makes it clear: “I chill 24/7 on Insta. I do Insta myself. I love the task.” Their videos have up to 15 million clicks. Accordingly, the 18-year-old routinely advertises the sleep-to-go pillow that you can tie on your head.

8:35 p.m.: Heidi Klum and Commercial Director Mario Schmolka are thrilled. The start of Lieselotte’s Hollywood career?

8:33 p.m.: “High-tech from Germany. Made in China.” Lots of Lieselotte love.

Heidi Klum misses Brazilian temperament in toilet paper roll marketing

8:30 p.m.: Juliana carries a toilet paper roll on her head and stammers something about sustainability. But that’s not enough for Heidi Klum. She demands more Brazilian temperament from the half-Brazilian. How is she supposed to convey that with this accessory? No idea.

8:26 p.m.: Juliana is worried because she has no experience with marketing on social media. By the way, that has now changed: The 25-year-old has already been able to collect almost 70,000 followers through her GNTM participation.

8:23 p.m.: Liselotte puts it in a nutshell: “Girls, you have to imagine, the biggest nonsense is being sold these days.” She further explains: “We have to pretend that this is the latest craze.” Sure, who hasn’t always dreamed of a toilet paper roll that you can put on your head?

Influencers can learn something from these products

8:20 p.m.: The models have to advertise a cold and tear dryer, a grin trainer and a sleep-to-go pillow. Funny, somehow these products don’t seem so far-fetched to us. Or are we just spending too much time on Instagram?

8:15 p.m.: We start the social media edition of “Germany’s Next Top Model” 2022 and say: Welcome to our couch ticker!

8:05 p.m.: By the way, in addition to the social media shoot, there is a live interview today. We remember: In recent years, the interview episodes have often gotten out of hand. After all, Heidi Klum wants to prepare her models for the real media world and therefore traditionally hires journalists who don’t shy away from extremely biting and personal questions for show business newcomers. So today could be exciting.

Who are the guest judges in the eighth episode?

7:27 p.m.: In episode eight, Heidi Klum gets support from “The Blonds”, who stand by her as guest judges. The designer duo Phillipe and David Blond from New York should look familiar to some GNTM fans, because they already equipped the models with their extravagant designer pieces in 2020.

GNTM 2022: Heidi Klum has to cancel the decision – desert wind makes models difficult

4:38 p.m.: The eighth GNTM episode starts in less than four hours. And it’s already clear: Not all models survive the Alien Walk without falling. Because the models have to contend with strong desert winds and platform high heels.

The trailer for the new episode shows how sand swirls through the air, models fall, tears flow and Heidi Klum says promisingly: “This storm really knocked us out. That we had to cancel the decision – we didn’t expect that.” The GNTM juror also writes on Instagram: “I knew that #GNTM could get stormy! But I’ve never experienced it that stormy myself!” We’ll find out tonight from 8:15 p.m. on ProSieben and here in the couch ticker whether the decision-making walk can still be completed.

Desert wind makes things difficult for the fashion aliens at GNTM

After the big makeover and the sedcard shooting last week, “Germany’s Next Topmodel” takes us to another galaxy in episode 8. With the extravagant outfits from the designer duo “The Blonds”, the 17 remaining GNTM models are transformed into fashion aliens and have to prove themselves at the Space UFO Walk.

Was that the real reason for Vanessa’s extreme makeover and Heidi Klum wanted to give her the perfect alien look with the green-blue bob? Even if – even Vanessa’s spacy hairstyle can’t help her with a problem that the models are struggling with on the walk. Because the desert wind in combination with UFO-like hoop skirts knocks many a candidate out of their ultra-high heels.

GNTM models have to prove themselves as influencers

Another challenge awaits the young models: they have to advertise crazy products in the social media challenge, because that is also one of the tasks of a worthy GNTM winner these days. Heidi Klum explains: “Nowadays, designers sometimes book their models based on the number of followers – so good marketing on social media is more important than ever.”

That’s why the model candidates have to bring sleep-to-go pillows, grin trainers or cold and tear dryers to the viewers in short commercials. As expected, this is not a problem for TikTokerin Sophie (18): “I love the task. I actually post a video on TikTok every day. The clicks range from 500 on Instagram to 15 million on TikTok. Therefore: I see myself in this task , Yes.”

Things are different, for example, for 50-year-old Martina and Juliana (25), who have had little experience in social networks so far. You can read here in our couch ticker how Heidi’s little girls will fare in the commercials and whether they will actually be carried away by the desert wind. (spl)

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Heidi Klum is looking for her again: the most talented model candidates in Germany. An indicator of the popularity of the candidates are the numbers on social media. Above all, the followers on Instagram.