GNTM model Theresia Fischer after leg lengthening: “My year was hell”

From Heidi Klums casting show “Germany’s next top model”. Theresa Fischer had her legs lengthened as part of plastic surgery. The model had her thighs lengthened by 8.6 centimeters six years ago. In March of this year it became known that the 30-year-old wants to go under the knife again to gain another six centimeters in leg length. This time the lower legs should be made longer. The second operation did not go as planned, and Fischer had to be operated on again because of a pus wound on his leg. In addition, her marriage fell apart.

Fischer on leg surgery: “Would I do it again? Yes!”

In an interview, the former GNTM participant now reveals how she is doing today RTL. “I’ll be happy if I can put a tick behind this year and maybe forget it from my memory soon,” says Fischer about the past few months, which have been extremely tiring for her.

It was actually her goal to walk in high heels on New Year’s Eve. But the model has to say goodbye to this idea. “The physiotherapist would not recommend it to me now,” admits Fischer. The surgery didn’t go quite “as I had imagined, to be honest,” she admits.