GNTM star Lovelyn Weigel: She feels alone without her husband

Son Levi (5 months) is the pride of “Germany’s next top model” winner Lovelyn Weigel (25) and her husband Toni. Together they float in seventh baby heaven. In the meantime, Toni has gone back to work and is therefore not at home during the day. It’s not an easy situation for Lovelyn, as she has now openly and honestly told her fans on Instagram: “Especially when my husband works a lot, I feel very alone and I’m sometimes sad or overwhelmed and unfortunately we also had a lot a lot of stress in the last few months.”

Lovelyn Weigel misses the hustle and bustle of the big city

Moving together was also a source of stress. Lovelyn Weigel is plagued by the feeling that the new, unfamiliar surroundings are contributing to and even increasing her loneliness. “I thought the garden and the quiet were good for us, but on the contrary. I miss the people, the connection, the cafés”. In addition, there are currently the hot summer nights, which not only rob son Levi but also mother Lovelyn of sleep. “Many nights are very exhausting. At the moment 40 percent are really good and 60 percent are rather difficult. But it’s getting better,” says the 25-year-old optimistically.

The GNTM star struggles with the typical worries of a young mother

Previously, the GNTM winner of the eighth season had another problem for a long time, namely breastfeeding. Because that didn’t work out so well, she made the decision to bottle-feed her son. “For me it’s just a sensitive topic, which quickly makes me sad!”, says the Hamburg native. In all her photos, which Lovelyn Weigel shares on her Instagram account, the beautiful sides of young family happiness can also be clearly seen. The unconditional love between the three is obvious.

The video below is about the baby Reagan. After 118 days of worry, it is finally allowed to go home to its parents. Click in and take a look at the young family happiness.