GNTM star shares rare photo with daughter Zoe

She is a mother, model and influencer. Lena Gercke has to reconcile all of this. After turbulent days, the GNTM winner now enjoys time with her daughter and shares a cuddly photo of it.

Lena Gercke has been in the public eye since she won the first season of “Germany’s Next Top Model” in 2006. That also means a lot of appointments, sometimes public and sometimes internal. There are also many insights into her everyday life on her Instagram channel, which has been subscribed to by almost three million people. The model keeps reporting about his life as a young mother and working woman, talking about the ups and downs of her everyday life. But now she is posting a picture that will warm the hearts of her fans: an intimate photo of her and her daughter Zoe.

The black and white selfie features her and her daughter Zoe. She holds the little one in her arms while she pats her face with her child’s hand. Lena smiles at the camera, Zoe’s face hides a purple heart with laughing features. “The end of a hard week,” comments the first winner of GNTM.

Sick toddler with gastrointestinal infection

What was so exhausting, she recently explained in an Instagram story: “Now we’ve got it too. The kids’ gastrointestinal problems are like hot cakes”. The little one seems to be doing better now.

Private photos are rather rare on Gercke’s account and so the followers celebrate the post. Lena had collected more than 50,000 likes with this post in no time at all. Zoe is Gercke and director Dustin Schöne’s first child together. The girl was born on July 6, 2020. And thus shares the birthday with her dad.