“GNTM”-Vanessa argues with the hotel: “Stark naked between shards”

"GNTM"-Candidate Vanessa Kunz has beef with a Cologne hotel.

“GNTM” candidate Vanessa Kunz has beef with a Cologne hotel.Screenshot Instagram: vanessa.gntm22.ofiicial

“GNTM”-Vanessa should be involved in a dispute? Anyone who knows the 20-year-old from TV can hardly believe these words. At ProSieben, Vanessa is still fighting week after week for the title “Germany’s next top model” and is extremely popular because of her affable nature. This is also evident on Instagram, where she already has 129,000 followers. There she gives her large fan community insights into her private life and chats about what moves her. On Tuesday, however, she published a bizarre story in her story.

She reports a dispute with a Cologne hotel. She does not want to give the name of the hotel, but she stayed there last week. The reason for the dispute is property damage, which the hotel now wants to blame, according to Vanessa Kunz.

Party or girls night out?

She tells her followers her version of the story: Accordingly, Vanessa Kunz first spent the evening in the hotel room with two friends, lay on the bed with them and ate strawberries. When they were gone, she wanted to take a shower. “The bathroom in the room and the door were glass,” she says. When it was opened, the accident happened: the door splintered. “I was totally shocked and stood stark naked between the shards,” she continues to describe the situation.

According to her own statements, she even suffered cuts in the accident, which she took photos of. However, she does not want to show them. “I don’t show you the pictures of the injuries because it looks way too bad,” Vanessa explains.

Vanessa tells of a bloody incident at the hotel.

Vanessa tells of a bloody incident at the hotel.

In shock, the 20-year-old had to react quickly: “I then put a towel over the splinters and walked over to get my phone and put some clothes on.”. Her luck: she was able to ask her friend for help. She first went to the reception to let them know and then helped Vanessa.

GNTM-Vanessa does not let the allegations sit

But the hotel’s reaction leaves the model completely stunned: According to Vanessa, the employees accused her of having a party with loud music. The glass broke at this party. “I was sooo overwhelmed because the hotel manager doesn’t believe me and accuses me of everything,” she writes. In addition, he was not interested in the model’s injuries.

The GNTM participant does not want to accept this accusation. According to the model, the three friends didn’t even listen to music, just sat on the bed and chatted. As “proof” she attaches a photo to the story.

She has already written a complaint email to the hotel. However, this has so far remained unanswered. In any case, the model does not see the blame for the shards on himself. “A hotel has to check things like that beforehand and not with me as a guest when it’s already too late,” she says.