GNTM winner Alex Mariah Peter shares photo before gender reassignment

Last year, Alex Mariah Peter won the casting show “Germany’s next top model”. Now she shares a photo that was taken before her gender change and has received many positive comments.

Photo series with 16 pictures

Alex Mariah Peter shared a picture on Instagram taken before she transitioned. The photo shows her at the age of 16. She feels comfortable with it, for her it’s like looking at “a distant cousin”. Many celebrities and fans leave enthusiastic comments.

Transition is an individual process that a trans person goes through in order to transition to living with their own gender identity. Social, physical and/or legal changes can be made.

“You’ve wanted to see a picture of me before my transition for so long,” writes Alex Mariah Peter on her post and continues: “In return, I would like to ask you to watch my story and enter into discourse with me and with each other how you see it and whether you can understand my point of view.” She asks for objectivity.

“Oh Alex, my heart warms up when I see this picture and read your text,” writes moderator Marlene Lufen. The former GNTM winners Stefanie Giesinger and Kim Hnizdo send a lot of love and hearts. Youtuber Jolina Mennen comments: “Being trans is not a decision, the only decision is to finally be yourself.” Many see Alex Mariah Peter as a role model.

Enlighten for a more sensitive handling

In several stories, the 24-year-old explains that she is talking about the transition right now, “to educate people to treat each other more sensitively, you don’t just have to limit it to dealing with trans people and also to help other trans people.”

Alex Mariah Peter has always kept a low profile on the subject, but she is currently in Munich and had a negative experience there for the first time, “where I was indirectly insulted for being trans”. Finally, there was a second such incident. There is a need to speak, according to the GNTM winner, who emphasizes: “There is still a lot of work to be done.”

In a disclaimer, Alex Mariah Peter clarifies: “I gave you permission to ask me questions by asking you to do so. But that doesn’t mean you can run now and just talk to people around you or asking similarly intimate questions on social media.” She explains to people who are frequently confronted with such questions: “You don’t owe anyone an answer.”

“What does it matter?”

Finally she comes back to the published photo. She would have preferred not to show it. “Because what does it matter? You met me as the person I am today, a year and a half ago. What difference does that make in evaluating my character, my actions, my being, what I looked like when I was 16? ” You didn’t want a photo of yourself as a teenager from other people you met at university or work, for example.

Nor does it matter in any way what a person’s name was before their transition. This is the filed name, called Deadname. Alex Mariah Peter explains: “Actually, you are conveying to your counterpart that it doesn’t matter which person is standing opposite, only the person that the person was born as.” She is not a different person, according to Alex Mariah Peter.