GNTM winner Barbara Meier: The model reveals on Instagram that it will be a mom again

Barbara Meier, winner of the second season of Germany’s Next Topmodel, is pregnant again. After daughter Marie-Therese, she and her husband Klemens Hallmann are expecting children. As with the first baby announcement, the 35-year-old showed a photo of herself and her husband on Instagram as a film-ready duo with teddy bear reinforcement.

“Mission Baby – Part II,” writes the model. “We are incredibly happy that we will soon have a second baby, who will enrich our lives so infinitely every day – and shake them up even more. Compared to two years ago, my everyday life has changed a lot! But we don’t want one miss a second of it!”

The couple’s first daughter was born in July 2020. “That’s when I knew: There was a new person in my life. Forever. And although we actually had to get to know each other first, I immediately felt this deep connection between mom and baby,” Barbara said at the time. Her husband Klemens was the first to hold the little one in his arms. “I thought it was nice to see that. A father can only participate very indirectly in a pregnancy – and now Klemens was finally able to do it properly.”