GNTM winner Sara Nuru: That’s what she’s doing today

In 2009, Sara Nuru (32) quickly became a fan favorite on “Germany’s next top model”. The jury around Heidi Klum (48) was also able to convince the beautiful young model week after week. So it’s no wonder that she ended up being the winner. Your success story did not end after GNTM. But on the contrary! She remained in great demand as a model after she left the show and was booked by a number of well-known designers – also for international catwalks and campaigns. In the meantime, about 13 years after her GNTM victory, Sara has not given up modeling, but her priorities are elsewhere these days.

If you want to know what second mainstay Sara has built up and what she is now focusing on, watch the video above.

GNTM winner Alisar Ailabouni is still successful as a model

A year after Sara’s big victory, Alisar Ailabouni (33) was named “Germany’s next top model”. After Heidi’s show, she was also able to dust off a number of cool model jobs and make a name for herself in the fashion industry. And how does it look nowadays, twelve years after your TV victory? Alisar has remained true to modeling. She now lives in New York and is under contract with several modeling agencies there. The native Syrian is also very successful on social media. On Instagram alone, she has a whopping 26,000 followers.