Go Honduras! Cesia Sáenz receives good reviews from judges in concert at La Academia

MEXICO CITY, MEXICO.- In the seventh concert of The academythe contest judges considered that the Honduran Cesia Saenz you did a good job with the interpretation of the theme “That man” made of Lupita D’alessio.

The 23-year-old compatriot received praise from the quartet of judges, who focused on her voice and her movements on stage.

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At the end of her presentation, the catracha wrapped herself in an emotional hug with Ana Bárbara, who was very moved by her interpretation of the theme, to the point of shedding tears of emotion.

Likewise, the catracha received an emotional greeting from her mother, Queen Saenzwho dedicated a nice message to her inviting her to get ahead and trust her talent.

On the other hand, the critic Horace Villalobos He highlighted the great voice of the Honduran, however, he remarked that she lacked a little strength to transmit the song in the best way.

In the case of Lolita Cortezthe judge remarked that she was surprised by Cesia’s performance, giving her a loud applause and saying: “Well done!”

To finish, Arthur Lopez He let his admiration for what the Honduran did, remarking that at his age he managed to make a good interpretation of the song composed by Lupita D’alessio.

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