Go to the hospital! Juanpa Zurita undergoes nose surgery after fear of suffering damage

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Mexico City.- Although the influencer Juanpa Zurita It has become a trend in social networks due to the criticism it has faced for the launch of its taqueria, this time it gave something to talk about for having gone to the emergency hospital and after that, be undergone surgery.

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According to the aforementioned, the surgical intervention to which he underwent was in the nose and was derived from the health problems that he had been facing for several years, since the difficulty breathing normally it prevented him from carrying out daily activities and, if he was not attended to at this time, things could get worse.

Through Instagramthe 26-year-old act was also in charge of transmitting the events to his followers, since through photos and videos he showed that the surgery of April 26 had been carried out successfully and His life is not in danger.

“We finally fixed the bad septum. What a tremendous odyssey I’ve had with my respiratory system. I’ve been around 4 years where every 3 to 4 months I always get sinusitis. For the fifteenth time, the doctor told me that this was only going to get worse over time and that it is not good to take so much medicine because it damages the liver. So surgery was the best option, “he put on the platform.

This is the second time that Juanpa Zurita has undergone an operation of this nature but it could not be the last because, after a blow to the nose, it prevented his condition from improving; however, he hopes that with this recent intervention things will improve.

“I am excited to be able to breathe 100 percent, I am excited to stop being limited by my nose and more than anything, I am grateful that you can intervene and take care of my health. Thank you Doctor Medrano, you are a bullet,” said the influencer.

Source: Instagram, Multimedia