“Goddess” they call Cristina Hurtado for a sexy photo in a bathing suit

Cristina Hurtado has shown on her social networks a string of very happy and funny family publications with her children and her husband who had her followers longing for a Christmas around loved ones, but everything changed with the last post, well The presenter reminded her more than 6.4 million followers that she is still one of the sexiest women on Colombian television.

This is because the paisa was very lightly dressed in an album of four photos in which she is shown wearing a two-piece tangerine swimsuit that only covers what is necessary and reveals the curves of the Antioquia woman and the flat abdomen that she retains after having had her three children, even when the youngest of them arrived just a year ago, making it clear that if Cristina has something it is discipline, because her figure is due to her judgment with exercise and nutrition.

“I need to know how it is that you have 3 children and you always look so spectacular, young, beautiful. Pass us the secret please 🙏🙏, “Wowwww what a woman, no and with three children, what a body 🔥🔥🔥 Jose Narváez won the lottery I love you ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️”, “Eh !!! Blessed are all Colombians with such beauty in our country 😍❤️🙌”, “Go girl, you are ready for 3 more haircuts 😂😂😝🤔”, are some of the comments that are read in the publication, which already has more than 32 thousand likes

Cristina is happy outside of Bogotá enjoying a warm climate on a farm that she rented with her husband, her parents, her son Mateo and other friends of hers and her husband, the actor and presenter José Narváez. In this place, the paisa has taken the opportunity to tan with her provocative sets of swimsuits, she has played with her son in the middle of nature and has even taken the opportunity to portray the beautiful sunsets that are seen in the place where she is. .

For his part, Narváez has dedicated himself to one of his favorite hobbies, cooking, specifically roasts, an activity that he enjoys to the fullest and performs with all the pertinent dedication, since he knows very well how to marinate meats, marinate them, cooking times , the accompaniments and he even acts as a waiter, Well, he delivers the food to his diners with a presentation worthy of a professional chef… Could it be that he will opt for an invitation to MasterChef Celebrity?

José and Cristina are in one of the most stable and happy moments of their relationship, after overcoming certain ups and downs that led them to think about a possible separation, a matter that finally did not happen and their fans applauded it, because they make up one of the more stable relations of the national show business, in which this year there were many separations and ruptures such as that of Carolina Cruz and Lincoln Palomeque, that of Melissa Martínez with Matías Mier and we could even include that of Shakira with Gerard Piqué.

“I choose you today and the rest of my life @jossenarvaezm ❤️” and “My best Christmas will always be with you!”, These are the phrases that Cristina dedicates to José in her Instagram posts, where they look super in love posing in front of the cameras while enjoying the Christmas holidays at the farm where they are. In addition, in their profiles you can see several publications where they show how they do not let the flame of passion and attraction die, such as having romantic dinners periodically, accompanying each other while they exercise and giving each other spaces for their privacy, which are just as priority to those who have families with their children.