Gomita puts Capi Pérez to “perrear” and they cause a furor Video

Social networks are flooded with positive messages for El Capi Pérez and Gomita, who are two Internet celebrities who have earned love and a privileged place thanks to the type of content they share.

both are too daring and risky when it comes to exposing themselves to their followers, who are fascinated by how they conduct themselves on the Internet, where they are among the most loved.

This time was no exception and Gomita makes Capi Pérez twerk, and he does it wonderfully, hence an intense wave of reactions was unleashed. famous artists cause a rage together and they showed that there is good chemistry between them, for which their followers sent them positive comments and a large number of compliments and compliments.

Gomita makes Capi Pérez “dog” and they cause a furor Video. Photo: Instagram

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The most famous little clown in the show was a guest on the El Capi program, la resolanawhich is broadcast on TV Azteca and is one of the most successful on the television station.

In this broadcast, Gomita participated in various fun dynamics that the host and comedian performs with his guests and for all the public who welcome his program, which has been positioned among the most watched of the weekend.

Gomita makes Capi Pérez “dog” and they cause a furor Video. Photo: Instagram

The video caught his fans and they quickly unleashed the madness through TikTok where the image already has thousands of views and a large number of comments, everyone takes the opportunity to praise the charms of the influencer and also the daring and fun style of Cap, who is one of the most successful comedians of the last times.

The famous won the season of LOL Star, demonstrated his talent and swept all his colleagues, and all thanks to the type of comedy he performs, he is too daring when it comes to giving his show.

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Gomita, for her part, is overcoming the bitter pill that her father was exempted from all the accusations he made for mistreatment of her and her mother. In an interview with Silvia Olmedo, she broke down in tears and stated that she was afraid because her father was released from her.

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