Gomita’s implant is marked when he moves in pajamas

The most famous clown of the show showed her beauty in a video in which she left everyone speechless, since she shows off her spectacular curves from behind, those that are always the sensation of the moment and take the eyes with those little dances.

It is well known to all that gummy bear She is one of the most daring celebrities in the world of entertainment, and through social networks she manages to make an impact with her daring style, which was exposed in this flirtatious pajama that made her look fantastic.

The Influencer did not hesitate a bit to show herself to everyone in a video that is crossing borders, since she revealed a striking figure that caused a furor among Internet users.

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Through his official Tik Tok Gomita account, he drew attention when he moved his hips backwards and his implants were marked, hence a wave of reactions was unleashed among his followers, who quickly sent him a large number of messages, among those who stand out the most affectionate and the harsh critics.

Some users observed the supposed defects that the young model has in her buttocks, since some time ago she shared that she removed the implants, so she leaves everyone impressed with what she teaches.

However, the former host of Sabadazo is not interested in what they will say and fearlessly exposes herself with those movements she made on her back to cause a stir and remain in the sights of Internet users.

Without a doubt, the personality of the Circus Clown is what empowers more women who, like her, want to look spectacular and without fear of gossip. It is noted that the young woman is an example to follow, since she is not in the least interested in what they say about her.

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With this video Gomita became the sensation of the moment and now everyone is watching the images more than once so as not to lose detail of what the most beleaguered celebrity on the Internet does, her peculiar style is always exposed and in the eye of the hurricane.

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