Goodbye Chapoy: After 13 years missing, host returns to ‘Ventaneando’ and destroys Televisa

Mexico City.- A famous former driver windowingwho is one of the consented of the owner Pati Chapoy, returns to the forum of the show program in which he was for 11 years. Will he be replacing Pati now that she’s gone?

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Is about Monica Garza, who came to Aztec TV in 1998 and joined windowing as conductor, issue whose owner has been Pati Chapoy for 26 years, however, in 2009 he announced his departure from the program.

Over the years, Monica focused on the news part and became one of Pati’s darlings, since she assured that she is one of the few people who would like her never to have left the program, because she considers her very talented.

The former driver of Linked Stories she became an unconditional supporter of the journalist, so much so that she was chief of information in several programs produced by Pati Chapoy such as in the middle of the show Y Whoever that fails.

Currently, the driver is in charge of It’s morning with Monica Garzabroadcast transmitted by DNA 40However, she sat down again in the most famous room in Mexico, as she was invited to Ventaneando to talk about her new projects.

Welcome to your house. The prodigal daughter, this is your room,” Daniel Bisogno and Pedro Sola told her, celebrating her return.

The host exclusively revealed the new project she has been working on in recent months: her YouTube channelwhich will deal a serious blow to the competition Televisa.

“Look, I didn’t even want to, now that I’m telling the truth, to make the new YouTube channel that we are about to launch next Monday, which Iyari Gonzalezwhich as you well know has been my producer of linked storiesfor many, many years.”

He insisted and insisted: ‘Garza, we’re going to throw ourselves into a YouTube channel’ and I said: ‘Iyari, what time? you have a lot of work, me too’ and it occurred to us… well, to start doing like this format and this informality, a bit of mine when interviewing, but I wanted to talk about other stories, the stories of those who tell us the story all the days; the journalists, the communicators”.

‘La Garza’ said that many times the stories of what is happening in the world are known, but not about the reporters, who are the vehicles of information.

And he added: “Because many times, we all know, we all tell stories about politics, sports, shows and very few people know what happens to the reporter, the newscaster, when he stands in front of a screen, as if he had no a life of its own and has to go out and give news and face an audience that is completely different”

“So, it seems to me that it was important, it was important for me to turn the focus towards there, towards my friends, colleagues and that is why it is a space that is made in my place of trust that is my house, it is the ‘Nido de la Garza ‘, That’s what it’s going to be called,” he said.

Monica Garza revealed that they will all be journalists from all walks of life and announced who will be his first guest.

Yes, I can tell you that he is one of the most emblematic characters in the news, very important in the international arena, very analytical, very important on the radio. We have heard it for many years. He surprised the whole team, because he is a man who is usually very serious, very academic, well I am going to tell you, he is Leonardo Curzio“.

The journalist commented that there will be no censorship as it is a digital platform, which makes her feel more comfortable.

I’m happy, I’m doing an exercise, I suddenly feel as if the chains had been taken away from me, the Internet gives you permission to do everything, to say what you want, however you want, to be with whoever you want, there are no television or radio bans, or newspaper,” he concluded.

Now that Pati Chapoy has left the program and the Ajusco forums for vacations, could it be that Mónica could be her successor? It is unknown, although the journalist has made it clear that who would want her to replace her would be Jimena Pérez ‘La Choco’.

Source: Ventaneando YouTube channel and Instagram @ventaneandouno