“Goodbye Germany” bad news: “We haven’t filmed anything anymore”

“Goodbye Germany” star Steff Jerkel announces bad news: “We haven’t filmed anything anymore”

03/18/2022 at 10:27 p.m

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Daniela Katzenberger: This is how the cheeky TV blonde ticks

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Steff Jerkel is one of THE stars of the Vox emigrant soap “Goodbye Germany“. In 2009 he emigrated to Mallorca and started a new life there with his wife Peggy, who had lived on the island since 2007.

At the couple’s side since 2014: The team from “Goodbye Germany“. They showed the two setting up their first bars and have accompanied them again and again over the past few months.

“Goodbye Germany” star Steff Jerkel: Statement causes a stir

But the fans will probably have to wait a little longer for new stories from the couple, as Steff Jerkel revealed on his Instagram account. The emigrant was asked when he would be seen again on “Goodbye Germany” on Vox.


Goodbye Germany“: They are the stars of the Vox series

  • Daniela Katzenberger
  • Melanie Mueller
  • Konny and Manu Reimann
  • Caro and Andreas Robens
  • Danni Buechner
  • Peggy and Steff Jerofke
  • Marina and Sasche Thielen
  • Marco and Tamara Gülpen


The emigrant’s meaningful answer: “We haven’t filmed anything else, so it can take a while.” Why hasn’t there been any filming in the recent past? Not clear.

“Goodbye Germany”: shock diagnosis for Steff Jerkel

Most recently, Jerkel had to accept a shock diagnosis when his doctors diagnosed white skin cancer in the emigrant. Luckily, this was fought successfully. Only he knows how things will continue for Steff.

The “Goodbye Germany” star, who also took part in the RTL “Summer House of the Stars” with his wife Peggy, could not resist a small hint. When asked when the couple will be seen again on reality TV, Steff wrote: “Maybe not that long.” So we can be curious what the future will bring.

In any case, I don’t want to go back to Germany. Steff’s wife Peggy also confirmed this. When asked on Instagram whether a return to her old homeland would be an option for her, the emigrant wrote: “It’s no longer an option for me. I feel at home here on Mallorca.”


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Great news for the fans of “Goodbye Germany”. Now it is time.