“Goodbye Germany”: Caro Robens with shock news – “Died”

“Goodbye Germany”: Caro Robens delivers shock news – “Suddenly died”

08/14/2022 at 8:49 p.m

“Goodbye Germany” The most famous faces of the Vox show

“Goodbye Germany” The most famous faces of the Vox show

“Goodbye Germany” is a real Vox long-running hit. The show also produced some stars and starlets.

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These are stories that go straight to the heart. that make you sad. The also in a power woman like “Goodbye Germany“-Star Carol Robens don’t pass by without a trace.

In her Instagram story, the emigrant, who, together with partner Andreas Robens and the “Goodbye Germany“ team emigrated to Mallorca, calling a dog lover.

“Goodbye Germany” star Caro Robens worries about three cute dogs

She is looking for a new home for three furry friends. The reason is a sad one. “Our owner died suddenly. We need help and don’t want to be put to sleep,” says the collage, which shows three dogs playing.


This is “Goodbye Germany” star Caro Robens:

  • She became known through the Vox show “Goodbye Germany! The Emigrants”, in which she can be seen with her husband Andreas
  • Andreas met Caro in a nightclub on Mallorca in 2010 – their marriage followed two months later
  • In 2020, the couple won prize money of 50,000 euros on the RTL show “Das Sommerhaus der Stars”.


The three animals are now urgently looking for a new master or mistress, preferably in Bavaria, Croatia or Slovenia. It is a nice gesture from Caro Robens that she uses her reach of at least 114,000 followers to guarantee the animals as much attention as possible.

We can only hope that Nora, Sissi and Ricky will soon find a new home. But among the many fans of Caro and Andreas Robens there will surely be one or two dog lovers.


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