“Goodbye Germany!” emigrant Angie Zweifel arrives in the Maasai village

Updated on 05/13/2022 10:23 p.m

  • She was the only one for him, the Maasai Paulo Moleli Mianga assured his sweetheart Angela Wolf again and again.
  • But just before the traditional wedding ceremony that accompanied VOX, a mysterious encounter occurred.
  • The “Goodbye Germany!” emigrant reacted with irritation.

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The fact that this “Goodbye Germany!” love would soon break up was not the only thing Daniela Katzenberger (35), who became known through the VOX docu-soap, would have “bet” her “Ar…” as she announced. The age difference, the different cultures and the apparently headless behavior caused skepticism among many fans.

In 2019, the camera team visited Angela “Angie” Wolf (45) and her local lover Paulo Moleli Mianga (30) in Zanzibar for the first time – while vacationing with her partner at the time, the Munich hairdresser fell head over heels in love with the former Maasai cowherd and was drawn to him.

But despite all the prophecies of doom: Four and a half years after they met, the couple, who were already married by civil registry office, were still happy and ran a lodge for tourists on the dream island. The next plan: a traditional Maasai-style wedding in Paulo’s home village on the Tanzanian mainland.

“I married his culture”

Angie had difficult memories of her first and only visit there so far: As a tattooed white woman, she was constantly stared at and touched, which she initially found to be “still very sweet”, but then found it difficult to bear. The sleeping situation also contributed to the “rock-hard” experience: “Two baby goats slept with us. Then a hen slept in our bed with us, who had just hatched her children…” And all that in a hut made of cow dung and sand !

But this time she was better prepared for the culture shock, she believed. “I married him, so I also married his culture,” she said, explaining her willingness to put up with some inconveniences. But in some points the accommodation stopped for her: Although she did not condemn the fact that many Maasai men had several wives, such an arrangement would never be an option for her: “I would separate!”

While his father has six wives and, according to Paulo’s estimate, “maybe 100” children, he has said he only wants his Angie. However, the VOX team only found out now that he had a four-year-old daughter! Together with Paulo’s mother, the little one greeted the couple when they arrived in the village. Unlike the cameramen, however, Angela already knew: “As soon as he found out that he had a child, he told me that right away.” The girl’s mother “married another man” and no longer plays a role in his life, Paulo assured.

Bizarre encounter on arrival: “What’s that for a number?”

But then who was the loudly crying Maasai woman who suddenly rushed towards him, lowered her head and grabbed the tail of his shirt? A bizarre spectacle in which Paulo barely twisted an expression and endured it stiff and motionless, while Angela and her friend and maid of honor Andrea Kick (49) stood by and wondered what the whole thing meant.

“What’s that for a number?” She asked herself, Angela admitted afterwards. She had trusted Paulo most of the time, but now her doubts were growing again: was he already married after all, would she only be his second wife? The Maasai insisted on his innocence: the crying woman was his sister, whom he had not seen for ten years. The fact that he himself did not show any emotions at the meeting is due to the fact that he also found the drama of the scene strange. Also: “Men don’t cry.”

In the end, she had no choice but to believe him, Angie decided, especially since they had hardly been apart in recent years. So the ceremony could take place – and the next surprise was waiting for the German: for blessing, the couple was spat on with goat’s milk by the master of ceremonies and the village community! A ritual that was extremely unappetizing for Europeans, but which the bride bravely and humorously endured, even though she had not been warned. And maybe it actually brought luck – it would be good for her and her husband, who is now also married according to Maasai custom.
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