“Goodbye Germany”: Fingernails failed – Osan pulls the ripcord

Updated on 01/04/2023 10:26 am

  • money or love? Preferably both – but sometimes you have to decide.
  • Family and health suffered from the enormous workload of “Goodbye Germany” emigrant Osan Alan.
  • In order to regain his balance, he moved to the sea with his wife and children – accompanied by VOX cameras.

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“Just don’t call me!” Construction investor Osan Alan (40) was serious when he gave his employees final instructions in the first episode of the year for the VOX docu-soap “Goodbye Germany” before emigrating to Bodrum, Turkey. They should only get in touch with him when it comes to amounts over 10,000 euros, everything else would be taken care of by his business partner Srecko Nedic, whom he has known since he was a teenager.

After a forced cut seven years ago, Osan tried for the second time to slow down and no longer work around the clock – especially his wife Derya (42) and children Osan Junior (10), Sue (8) and Tiger (4 ) for sake. But also his health.

Because the burnout that overtook him in 2015 sounded violent: “All ten fingernails fell out at the same time, I got circular hair loss, full program.” He then gave up his grueling cell phone business job and turned to the construction industry, but quickly ended up on the hamster wheel again. However, he did not show any fear of getting sick again: he was a plow horse, a stand-up man. With these statements, he simply smiled away at the VOX reporter’s inquiries.

“Of course I’m torn”

Wife Derya, on the other hand, was open about her concerns about her husband and was looking forward to emigrating to Turkey, from which she had come to Germany at the age of 16. Although she also feels at home in Germany, she feels a little more at home in the country of her childhood. The only thing that bothered her was the fear that her own children might not feel comfortable there.

Should that be the case, the family would move back to Mannheim, which is why the Alans kept their posh villa there for the time being – Osan had built it according to his childhood dreams: back then, as a working-class child in Mannheim-Neckarstadt, he always watched the series “Der Prinz von Bel- Air” and said to himself: “One day I want to live in a house like this” – white columns included. He did it through hard work around the clock.

Osan Alan at "Goodbye Germany"
The Alans in the Sea: Family trip to their new home.

© RTL / Seema Media

This luxury home has now been exchanged for one with a pool and sea views, which the Alans have rented for a year. But would the busy businessman really find peace here? He didn’t seem so sure himself, he was a “bigger, wider, faster, higher” type, couldn’t sit still for too long: “I’m going crazy!”

And indeed: After a comfortable start in Bodrum, the first problems quickly arose with a construction project in Cappadocia, about which he was kept up to date by telephone. He would have preferred to travel there immediately, you could see that, and he didn’t deny it either: “Of course I’m torn.” Very often he is: “It’s a balancing act.” Although he had the feeling that he was a good father to his children, one thing was clear to him: “Derya is neglected.”

“Goodbye Germany”: Does everything start all over again?

The blonde, whom he met 14 years ago in a Mannheim café and married 13 years ago, was confident because after all: Osan seemed to be trying to focus on the family, and the children also liked life in their new home .

Osan Alan at "Goodbye Germany"
Does the restart work? Osan Alan (right) wants to step back for his family.

© RTL / Seema Media

But Derya also knew: “Real life only begins when school starts.” She was also aware that she would always have to slow down her husband – after all, Turkey would not make a different person out of him.

“Do you think that at some point you’ll give in to your feelings and then want to be everywhere again?” he was asked by the VOX reporter and received a clear: “Yes.” Next, he plans to build a hotel in close proximity to his new home. Derya will probably need strong nerves. (ch)
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