“Goodbye Germany!” Influencer experiences love disaster on dream island

Updated on 4/22/2022 at 10:18 p.m

  • “I’m freaking out, really!”: Rarely has a “Goodbye Germany!” emigrant been as euphoric as micro-influencer Crizi Stern.
  • She wanted to start a new life in Santorini and open a cocktail bar with her great love Nicolo.
  • But then everything turned out differently, as the VOX documentary soap shows.

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She found a soul mate in Nicolo, enthused “Goodbye Germany!” emigrant Christina Beier (34), who lives out her wildly glamorous side on Instagram under the pseudonym Crizi Stern and whose move to Santorini accompanied the VOX docu-soap.

The woman from Freising was not only impressed by the Greek dream island, but also by the charismatic bar operator, whom she met in 2018 during a personal crisis. “Like a red thread” lovesickness runs through her life, but that should now be over: Her “Greek Husband” has “brought her back to life”. Crizi wanted to start a new life with him, open a bar together and be happy.

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But then this: When she arrived in Santorini in May 2021, her good friend David picked her up, but there was no sign of Nicolo. He didn’t stop by her new apartment either, she didn’t meet him in his bar, and there wasn’t even a call. Of course it made her sad, she admitted, but she didn’t want to be discouraged and did a photo shoot the next day and kept hoping for the best.

However, when Crizi was finally able to hug her loved one the next day, further disappointments followed. The greeting was formally designed with kisses on the cheeks, the locals also seemed quite reserved in other respects. And: The bar, which both wanted to take over, would only be available for rent from next January, he told her. Until then, the trained hotel manager should simply work for him as a waitress. This was not how Crizi imagined her new life.

“I’m fed up!”

She didn’t show her injury in front of Nicolo, but later on the beach tears flowed: “It’s really pissing me off now!” She complained and wondered if she had “done everything wrong” in the end. “My whole house of cards has kind of collapsed now and I just feel right, really sh… I’m tired of always being able to handle everything on my own. I’ve had it so many times that men just let me down to have.”

Goodbye Germany, VOX, emigrants, Santorini, bad luck
“We are good friends.” Crizi actually wanted to hear something else from Nicolo…


She always liked working as a waitress, but: “Once you’ve made the decision for yourself that you want to be an entrepreneur, that you want to start your own business, […] then you never want to be employed again!

Despite her anger at Nicolo, Crizi feared hurting his feelings when she told him she didn’t want to take his offer. But he reacted coolly: “You have to do what is best for you. We are friends.” Out of sheer relief, Crizi immediately seemed to see pink again, suddenly felt everything was “not so bad”. And then Nicolo even threw her a bit of hope in terms of the future: “Love? We’ll see … We’re on a love island!” He explained to the camera team with a laugh. Would that go well?

Double love off on Santorini

Three months later it was clear: it wouldn’t. Nevertheless, Crizi was super happy on the second VOX visit, couldn’t stop beaming and laughing and let everyone know: “I have a man in my life who is really too good to be true and I’m totally in love. I want everything!” She was “full of love and happiness”, even her lover had already moved in with her: “I never want to lose this man again!”

Goodbye Germany, VOX, emigrants, Santorini, bad luck
Happy with Manos: Crizi Stern and her new life in Santorini

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The chosen one was Manos, an employee of a car rental company and visually not very dissimilar to Nicolo. Crizi no longer had any contact with him, which also ended her dream of having her own bar.

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Instead, she sold self-designed T-shirts in a boutique and worked as an online coach, which she had already done in Germany along with a few other jobs. She made ends meet, was happily in love. A happy ending, one would think. If it hadn’t suddenly said just before the credits: “Crizi has broken up with Manos in the meantime. But she doesn’t give up hope for great love…” (tsch)
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