“Goodbye Germany”: Oksana Kolenitchenko sinks into the chaos of moving

Updated on 04/07/2022 23:16

  • “Viva Las Vegas!” For financial reasons, Oksana and Daniel Kolenitchenko decided to leave Los Angeles.
  • Instead, they want to start a new life in Nevada.
  • But the restart is more bumpy than expected for the “Goodbye Germany” couple and their children.

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Oksana Kolenitchenko (34), who once became known through the RTL casting show DSDS, wanted to finally settle down permanently in the new episode of the Vox docu-soap “Goodbye Germany”. In 2018, the influencer emigrated to Los Angeles with husband Daniel (39) and their children Milan (7) and Arielle (5) and opened the nightclub “The Next Door Lounge” there.

The party restaurant concept initially worked, but the pandemic ended the success story abruptly and financial reserves melted away. After careful consideration, the decision was made: Off to Las Vegas! The cost of living there is significantly cheaper than in the City of Angels.

Unfortunately, finding a new home had proved complicated, so the Kolenitchenkos first moved into an Airbnb to get to town in time for the children’s start of school. Before the new life could begin, however, the otherwise harmonious couple kept fighting. For example, because Oksana would have liked to take half the household items with her, while Daniel only wanted to pack the bare essentials and catch up on the rest as soon as a permanent home was found. “Take it easy!” he scolded.

“You’re yelling!” – “You’re freaking out!”

On the other hand, Oksana reminded her husband to be calm when son Milan hit his foot on the stairs on the first day of school, which had been broken only a few months ago. Both parents pounced on the crying little one, each believing they knew better what to do and considering themselves to be calm and the other to be the source of stress.

“You’re yelling!” Oksana was annoyed with Daniel, whose perception in turn said: “You’re completely freaking out!” What did you actually see on TV? Two worried parents, both not relaxed, but far from “freaking out”.

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After son Milan’s accident on the stairs, Oksana and Daniel’s nerves are on edge.

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In the end, luckily, the injury turned out to be less of an issue, the first day of school could begin and Milan mastered it more confidently than expected. He joined his new classmates so confidently that Oksana promptly became sentimental: “Oh my God, my baby is growing up! He doesn’t need me anymore!”

“Oh my god, I’m about to cry! I think it’s beautiful!”

Would the villa that Oksana visited shortly afterwards with Daniel and daughter Arielle become the family’s new home? In any case, Oksana was absolutely delighted with the luxury home with pool, which offered twice as much living space as the house in Los Angeles: “Oh my God, I’m about to cry! I think it’s beautiful!”

However, it cost a little more than the €6,000 rent at the old home, so Daniel was more hesitant: “You can’t put your emotions over logic.” The real estate agent accommodated them a little in the price and Oksana quickly made it clear how much she was interested in the house. Too fast for Daniel’s liking, who would have liked to negotiate further.

Either way: This house should be it! It’s just stupid that the verbal promise wasn’t followed by a contract for days. Oksana was getting restless. So many new impressions were pouring down on her children, she worried: “And then they don’t even have a home!”

Shortly after the last crisis meeting, however, Daniel finally got the long-awaited rental contract, but he first kept this a secret from his wife in order to surprise her with it. During an evening family trip to the city, he announced the good news to her in front of the famous Bellagio fountain: “Incredible!” Oksana rejoiced. Your new life in Las Vegas could begin.
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