“Goodbye Germany”: Peggy & Steff go on vacation together despite the separation

Fans of the “Goodbye Germany” stars do not believe in the separation of Peggy and Steff

The 46-year-old has posted a series of pictures showing her building a snowman with her daughter and the little one sledding with dad Steff. The three make a very happy and satisfied impression. Peggy writes about the series of pictures: “Perfect first day. Josephine had so much fun today and the worst thing is that she is like daddy (don’t worry, the faster the better).”

But instead of leaving kind words under the post, fans of the “Goodbye Germany” stars firmly believe that the two are still a couple and are just fooling everyone to get a little more attention. “Can it be that you are not separated at all? Just to get a little more focus” and “Can’t shake the feeling that the separation is just PR,” write users. And another emphasizes: “I wouldn’t go on vacation with my ex either. Not for the sake of the child either. You fool everyone.”

“Goodbye Germany” stars Peggy and Steff: “We get along really well”

In her Instagram story, however, Peggy emphasizes that as parents they stick together for their daughter. When asked if she thought it was weird going on vacation with Steff, the 46-year-old replies clearly: “No, I honestly don’t understand the question.”

Steff also explains to “Mallorca Zeitung”: “We get along really well, and it’s great for the little one too.” However, when asked directly whether there will be a love comeback with Peggy, he has a clear opinion: “No, no comeback yet. Just friends.”