“Goodbye Germany” star Steff Jerkel hints at love comeback with Peggy

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In mid-November, Peggy Jerofke and Steff Jerkel announced their separation on “Goodbye Germany”. Nevertheless, they are now on a skiing holiday together. Is there any hope of a love comeback?

Kappl, Tirol – Steff Jerkel (53) and Peggy Jerofke (46) went through life together for 25 years. They emigrated to Mallorca together, opened several successful restaurants together, bought a luxury villa and had a daughter. But after all these milestones, it was suddenly all over in November 2022. The two “Goodbye Germany” emigrants separated.

Steff Jerkel is going through a difficult time

Steff didn’t seem to have an easy time with this decision from the start. On Instagram, he made a public declaration of love for his ex-partner and admitted that he was “deadly sad”. A short time later he revealed to his fans that he was not doing too well at the moment.

The “Goodbye Germany” emigrant has had to take a lot lately:

– Steff Jerkel’s skin cancer came back

– An ATM just pulled in 4800 euros

– And his high-quality golf bag was stolen

“Goodbye Germany” star Steff Jerkel hints at love comeback with Peggy
For Steff and Peggy, raising their daughter Josephine seems to be their top priority after their breakup. © Instagram/Peggy Jerofke

But not much seems to have changed after the split between Peggy and Steff. Probably also because daughter Josephine (4) will always connect them. The ex-couple is now on a skiing holiday in Tyrol with their daughter. From there, the “Goodbye Germany” emigrant posts two pictures on Instagram. One shows Peggy and Josephine building a snowman. Another dad and daughter sledding. The family clearly has a good time in Austria.

Are Steff Jerkel and Peggy Jerofke getting back together? “NOT A COMEBACK YET”

So it’s no wonder that fans are sensing a love comeback between Peggy and Steff. The Mallorca Zeitung asks the “Goodbye Germany” emigrant, but Steff’s answer is: “No, not a comeback yet. Friends only”. However, he does not seem to rule out the possibility that he and Peggy could become a couple again. Attentive readers will have noticed the word “still” that at least gives hope for a love comeback in the future.

The 53-year-old seems to be looking for consolation elsewhere at the moment. To distract himself from the recent frustration, Steff Jerkel grabbed a bottle and injured himself badly while drunk. Sources used: Instagram/Peggy Jerofke & Steff Jerkel, mallorcazeitung.es