“Goodbye Germany”: Worrying words from Caro Robens

“Goodbye Germany”: Worrying words from Caro Robens – the trigger is this photo of her

03/21/2022 at 3:50 p.m

Mallorca: These are the hotspots of the popular holiday island

Mallorca: These are the hotspots of the popular holiday island

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Can she really mean this? “Goodbye Germany“-Fameness Caro Robens gives cause for concern when she responds to a kindly meant fan comment.

The “Goodbye Germany” actress with a new hairstyle and receives a lot of praise for it. But Caro Robens seems anything but happy with herself.

“Goodbye Germany” star Caro Robens with a new hairstyle – fans are thrilled

Caro Robens has recently appeared in front of the camera with long, blond hair. The shaved half of her head is apparently a thing of the past – and the “Goodbye Germany“-Fans like it.

Under a new photo of the 43-year-old, they keep emphasizing how pretty Caro looks with longer hair. “Your hairstyle suits you so well now,” enthuses a follower. Another said: “You look great! The hair, just great.”

But not only Caro’s blonde mane attracts the attention of Instagram users.


That is “Goodbye Germany-Star Caro Robens:

  • Caroline Robens was born in Wuppertal in 1979
  • She became known through the Vox show “Goodbye Germany! The Emigrants”, in which she can be seen with her husband Andreas
  • Andreas Robens met Caro in a nightclub on Mallorca in 2010 – two months later the two married
  • In 2020, the couple won prize money of 50,000 euros on the RTL show “Das Sommerhaus der Stars”.
  • Caro and Andreas Robens live on Mallorca, where they run their own gym


Caro Robens criticizes her mega body – “Goodbye Germany” fans intervene

In the photo she poses in a cropped shirt and tight trousers off the coast of Mallorca. The well-trained figure of the fitness studio owner is clearly evident. “You have such a great figure,” comments one woman.

Caro Robens even answers her, but instead of a confident “thank you”, she expresses doubts. “Unfortunately not at the moment,” writes the emigrant. Apparently, Caro places extremely high demands on her body. She doesn’t even realize that she already has an extraordinary figure that most people have to train for months to achieve.


More about “Goodbye Germany”:


Her fans can’t let that go. “But you can see that in the photos. You can be proud to look like this,” replies the follower. Another woman said: “Unfortunately… you look great, Caro!”