Goodbye Televisa: After 10 years on TV Azteca and gay ‘romance’, gallant confesses and comes out of the closet?

Mexico City.- After mysterious photos were leaked, a famous actor from Televisawho has been rumored about his sexual orientation For a long time, he reappears and breaks the silence about his love life and why has never made public a couple after going off air.

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Is about David Zepedawho had been working for 10 years in Aztec TV and then switched to Televisa in 2009 to star in telenovelas like Spell, I am your owner, For loving without law, Overcome lack of love and my fortune is to love you.

The man from Sonora said that in 2019 lost its exclusive contract on the San Ángel television station and for that reason it was changed to Telemundo. The actor even tried his luck at United Statesbut could not achieve what he was looking for in Hollywood.

And it was that he said that when he lived there, his money ran out and he had to return to Mexico, but this made him sure that his thing is Mexican soap operas, a detail that was confirmed when he succeeded as ‘Chente‘ on my fortune is to love youa telenovela that reached historic audience levels and came to an end last Sunday.

The 48-year-old heartthrob has always been tight-lipped about his private life and despite being one of the most desired men in the business, he has never been very open about his love life and has stayed away from commenting on it.

It should be remembered that it has long been speculated that the actor would be homosexual, despite the fact that he has had serious relationships with several women, as he has told without giving details. The last lasted 10 years and was with the actress lina radwan.

After the death of the stylist Daniel UrquizaRumors even arose that she had an alleged affair with him and even some media revealed that there was alleged evidence. This has so far not been confirmed.

On the other hand, during an interview with the journalist Maria Patricia Castanedathe actor assured that he loves women and, if he were gayI would have no problem admitting it.

They could not raise a more blunt falsehood, that is, I love women, and if I loved or liked men I would also say so, no problem and there is nothing wrong with it.

Now, in an interview, the telenovela heartthrob explains why he never talks about his partners. David commented that he prefers to keep his life away from the public eye, out of respect for them and so that they can focus on his professional side.

The public deserves great respect, we shouldn’t go around ventilating who we go out with or who we don’t. If the romance occurs and the couple is introduced, it will be fabulous, but in my case I prefer that they know more about the professional part, “she shared.

What he could say about his personal life is that he is “simple, home and family“, besides that he enjoys it a lot.

I am a person who leads a simple, home and family life and I have a great time in that aspect, but I also really enjoy what I do with my artistic career.

In addition, Zepeda made it clear that he is currently singlebesides that he is not in a hurry to formalize with anyone.

I’m still single, I always have the hope that love will surprise me,” he said in a recent interview.

In addition, when asked about what qualities he is looking for, he said: “More than qualities, I think we have a nice chemistry, similar goals, a lot of passion, mutual admiration.”

However, later a message began to circulate on social networks. video where he goes out with a very affectionate blonde woman, which sparked rumors that they would be more than friends.

In the images, the actor is apparently in a nightclub with a mysterious woman while she plants a kiss on his cheek. Will they be boyfriends? So far she is unknown, but she is expected to clarify and talk about it soon.

Source: YouTube channel of Gossip No Like, Las Estrellas, Twitter @programa_hoy and Instagram @davidzepeda1